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Vol: 3

Fri, 05 Dec 2014

#59 One Life

Plok doesn't like hard games. Irony.

#59 One Life

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Main Series: Vol 3

#59 One Life

Plok doesn't like hard games. Irony.

Fri, 05 Dec 2014

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Hahaha, "Plok doesn't like hard games". XD It's funny 'cause it's so ironic.

I wonder if Glendaal would elicit the same reaction if he found himself in the same predicament in an Equinox comic-series? Sorry if it's a dumb question.


Mr. Polygon

Uh oh somebody call James Rolfe (AVGN) I think we've got another (bad game upon us)

How come you didn't do the somersault jump?


Mr. Polygon

Anyone else see a snake?


^ I do now that you mention it. Good eye.


Mr. Polygon

Thank you Starboy91


This is why I hate easy games. Too easy. If you remake Plok, make it harder. You know how much the (possible) ripoff that Rayman 1 is? I had to continually cheat to get 10 continues everytime it went down to 3, because Ubisoft never playtested their levels.

Maybe for Plok 2, when you make levels, deliberately don't playtest them. Just slap a few levels together, call it a day, and then drink the tears of n00bs who continually die on Cotton Island.


Mr. Polygon


Know how many times I got whooped by the bonehead bros on cotton island?

Plok is hard enough as it is. If the Pickford bros were to make it any harder than the game will be impossible to beat without cheats. And we don't want Plok to end up on AVGN now do we?


@Mr. Polygon

Yes you do. AVGN exposure will make this game more publicly known. Meaning it'll get a sequel due to people pirating this game and demanding a sequel.


Mr. Polygon

Does he still even make videos? However it was very brief, but in one episode when they showed his SNES collection I saw a Plok cartridge.

Also AVGN exposes horrible bad games (and also really hard ones) so even if he did do an episode about it, most likely wouldn't be "positive exposure" But the Game Grumps actually did some episodes on Plok so the internet isn't totally oblivious to Plok.


Meanwhile, the Pickfords remain suspiciously quiet, plotting their next move.


Ste Pickford

Do we? I've said loads of times, as soon as sales of the Plok book reach 1 million, we're making a sequel!



There is zero chance that we'd make a new Plok game harder than the original.


Mr. Polygon


Thank you! But please install a better save system and also I hope you don't get into legal troubles so you can remake and distribute the game to your heart's content.


Maybe you could release Plok on the virtual console in Europe. I think Nintendo of Europe published the game there. Then gauge sales to see if it's worth it to release it in America, finding out who the hell owns Plok!



Ste and I own Plok SNES it seems. We're talking to Nintendo.


@ Pickford Bros.

I wish you guys luck on reaching your goal. I hope you will reach it so you can give Plok the sequel games he deserves. I will definitely buy Plok the sequel games when it come out.

You guys were the ones to create Plok so I think that means that you own him and the game, right? And another thing; will it be possible for Tim and Geoff Follin to do the music for the sequel games for Plok? I love the music in Plok; I even have some of the game music on my phone that I listen to.

Also, can you ask Nintendo if they can add Plok to Super Smash Bros. maybe as a trophy or better yet; a playable DLC fighter. Plok has many moves he can use in the game. I will definitely buy it if it come out!

Thank you Pickford Bros. for everything you done! Keep up the great work on the comics (I'm having fun reading it)


Ste Pickford

Thank you!


@Pickford Bros

U guys are Ploktastic !


Did Plok explode into globs jelly? Like a messy Mega Man?

It's... It's not blood, is it?


Ste Pickford

Yep, blood. It's OK, he got better in the last panel.



Tim left his game music career behind, I think.


It could be worst Plok; at least you're not giving gamers motion sickness, or crashing into every single bad guys and losing all your lifes all because you couldn't see what up ahead (like a certain game I know)


^Are you talking about Mohawk and Headphone Jack?


@ Nathan - Yep, that's the game!

Weird enough, I never get motion sickness when I first played Mohawk and Headphone Jack but now when I watch other people playing it on YouTube; I get motion sickness.

I kept crashing into enemies and losing all my lifes. I was able to defeat the first boss but I never was able to make it past stage 2. I stopped playing it when I first saw the game over screen. Oh my gosh, that scared me when I was little! I felt sick watching it and that was when I refused to play it because of that (and the fact that the game is very difficult). The only thing I like about the game is the music played when you start playing the first stage.

Enough about that, let's talk about this comic! I prefer how he game over in the game than in this comic...hey! Isn't he supposed to has a health bar?! Don't tell me it take a single hit to beat him! Oh dear!


I'm really enjoying reading this comic each week. Both the artwork and the story itself are getting better with each installment, and I find myself always excited for the next strip. I can't wait to see what it's all building towards!

Thanks, John and Ste, for this awesome comic, and for taking the time to read and respond to your fans' comments. Also, good luck in your talks with Nintendo. I'd love to see Plok on the Wii U virtual console.



Uh, Mr. Polygon, the Grumps only did one episode for Plok. Frankly, it...wasn't that funny.


Mr. Polygon


Still the Grumps are popular upon gamers, just bringing it up will make people aware of his existence. I actually discovered Plok while looking at SMW hacks, same way I discovered Touhou, Cave Story, and VVVVVV. Also there are a lot of people remixing Plok music. There are also lots of LP ers playing Plok. So Plok is indeed know in some parts of the internet.



Ironic indeed LMAO I couldn't even beat level 3



UPDATE: Yes I did. I beat level 3. Now level 6 is the problem.


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