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Vol: 3

Fri, 28 Nov 2014

#58 Single Player

Hey, these doorways weren't here when Zob entered the cave.

#58 Single Player

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Main Series: Vol 3

#58 Single Player

Hey, these doorways weren't here when Zob entered the cave.

Fri, 28 Nov 2014

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Are you implying that Rockyfella is actually really dumb?



There's a silicon chip inside his brain and it's switched to overload.



We know that Rockyfella shoots stones out of his head. So if he shoots that one stone in his head, where do the new stones come from? Does it work like Plok's limbs?

Anyway I like the lighting in the first panel and the second one the most as it looks like something that you would consider a video game environment - In my opinion the quality of the strip has increased tremendously during the last few weeks because we get to see far more different poses and a lot more environmental details.


Ste Pickford

Thank you. I definitely feel like I'm getting a little bit better each week with the drawings.



Rocky can take any form. The raw material comes from the ground. So he can essentially create as many missiles (or limbs or heads or anything) as he likes so long as he's embedded in the ground.

I agree about the poses - Ste's doing some amazing stuff.


They look so happy without faces


I will love to play multiplayer with Plok...too bad it's closed for debugging!

Oh my gosh, that glitch really scares me! I did not want to see that.

Oh, I got a question; if Plok did do multiplayer, who does the second player control? Of course the first player will control Plok but who does the second player control? Plok's friend or relative or maybe his girlfriend?


Ste Pickford

It would have to be four player only. Each player controls one limb each. Walking would be a challenge.


So basically, Plok QWOP?

Makeit happen


Assassin's Flea'd



Welcome Bill.


Mr. Polygon


Heard that happens in the new smash bros game for Wii U

Also is that a Wreck it Ralph reference? Or is Plok going to play the coin op game Flea Pit?


Nightmare fuel



Uh, no, Mr. Polygon, it happens in the new Assassin's Creed, lol. Smash is pretty much glitch-free to my knowledge.

Nathan, I think the word you are looking for is "Ploktodad."


Smash is so glitch-free, that the lag in multiplayer matches are so bad, it may take over 10 minutes to complete a 2 minute round, due to constant freezing.



I don't know what multiplayer smash bros you're playing but that's not the experience for anyone over here.

Also that was a completely nonsensical statement because glitches have absolutely no connection to network issues.


Mr. Polygon


Um yes it does. I'm not talking about the 3DS I'm talking about the one that has just been released like a week ago. I saw glitches that were posted on Facebook. One had charizard with outrageously long limp legs comming out the platform. Another makes the characters paper thin when you hit the pause button. But I don't have it yet and I am sure the patches will be out before I get it. Anyone have OR AS yet?



I know this isn't what the joke is about but...

Five Nights at Plok's.

And that's all I'm gonna say.



creepy XD


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