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Vol: 3

Fri, 14 Nov 2014

#56 Bits

Zob and Captain Skint have nothing to fear after all.

#56 Bits

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Main Series: Vol 3

#56 Bits

Zob and Captain Skint have nothing to fear after all.

Fri, 14 Nov 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Awwww it's nice that Zob isn't a cold hard brute. Let's just hope this dosent end like it did in Super Metroid. That would be sad.


Mr. Polygon

Hey I thought you got rid of the ads. Why am I seeing a small ad box? You decided to put em back or something? Or is it just because I bookmarked this page along time ago or something?


Ste Pickford

Yeah, we removed the ads when the Patreon reached $100, but since then a couple of people had to change their pledges, and it's dropped down to $91, so we've had to re-instate them - hopefully temporary - until one or two more Patrons sign up.



Here are the 'snakes' in action.




Oh dear Zob...I fear that your setting your self up for a fall, when Plok finally gets a sight of you with that poor little flealing, I think he might freak out and just assume your some kind of space flea or a mechaflea...who knows. I just don't want this to end badly.


Mr. Polygon

Real sorry to hear that Ste. Hope you get more patreons.


Ste Pickford

Are they called Patreons, or Patrons? I'm never sure.


How exactly did those snakes survive before any of the eggs from this batch hatched?

Especially when the last time it did that was apparently 21 years ago?



They came with the batch. Genetic engineering. The queen creates her own clean-up crew.


Mr. Polygon


That's pretty neat. But why was there so much slime all over Akrillic If the flea queen is all neat and tidy?



They are a new feature. Hence Zob not initially realising what they were.


LOL, this is so funny! I find Zob and the baby flea cute in this comic.



Wait, the snakes are actually fleas?????????????????



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