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Vol: 3

Fri, 31 Oct 2014

#54 Liar

Plok takes back his arm without paying a penny.

#54 Liar

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Main Series: Vol 3

#54 Liar

Plok takes back his arm without paying a penny.

Fri, 31 Oct 2014

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That's right! You show em whose boss Plok!


Now that was badass.



Once a criminal, always a criminal, eh Rockyfella? Wink wink.



He thinks of himself as an entrepreneur.


Rockyfella is a greedy jerk if he thought about charging DLC.

And Plok is an idiot for not finding a gift instead.



This is a little off-topic, but the jig is UP! The lost cheat codes for Plokā„¢ have been found! And let me just say, I love the fact they all spell brief phrases.

I'm guessing these codes were meant to be in-cart DLC at one point, since you can't use them without patching the game. :B


Lets hope Rockyfella doesn't get the idea to sell Plok his own costume powerups.


@joseph: I looked into this myself just for the heck of it (I don't use emulators so I didn't test anything myself.) My best guess is that, like so many things, these "codes" were meant to be used during the development of the game, but were likely not meant to be in any way in the final version, considering one such code leads to a test stage. Things like this usually get cut in games from time to time, but if these codes were at anytime supposed to intentionally be in the game, I'm curious myself as to why they didn't make the final cut.



Yeah they are just developer debug codes.



It might be worth having the links to previous strips more similar, in shape or text size or whatever, to the links to previous volumes, and those for jumping to the first and last strips. I was dumb enough to not see them for a few minutes despite having been to this website plenty of times!


Ste Pickford

Hmm, I hoped the thumbnails would be clear, but maybe there needs to be text above the previous / later strip links as well...


According to The Cutting Room Floor's page on Plok three more levels between Rockyfella and the Fleapit were planned, but scrapped. The southern portion of the map always seemed mysterious with locations referenced by name in the game intro, but never actually visited. Were these levels abandoned because of time constraints? If Plok gets a rerelease, is there a chance these levels could be finished and added to the game as a bonus?



Rocky's contemplating all of his life choices in the 3rd panel XD


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