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Vol: 3

Fri, 17 Oct 2014

#52 Update

Say, friend, have you heard about this brilliant iOS game?

#52 Update

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Main Series: Vol 3

#52 Update

Say, friend, have you heard about this brilliant iOS game?

Fri, 17 Oct 2014

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LOL at the third panel! Poor Plok still doesn't have his left arm, though.


Mr. Polygon

Um I'm pretty sure Ducks don't have teeth. And to add on I'm pretty sure if they did they wouldn't have 100,000,000 of them. Just sayin.

How come Plok just can't download an arm off the App Store? Most crap is free on it anyways. He'll just have to deal with pesky adds popping up on his arm.


Mr. Polygon

Yet again he can download Ad blocker and Bob's your Uncle, problem solved.


actually sorry to blow your mind Mr Polygon but ducks do have teeth :-) .... A duck's mouth contains rows of tiny plates that line their teeth, to help them filter water out of their beaks without losing food. The duck's advanced water filtering system is similar to the way in which a blue whale feeds in the ocean.


@TheDrisk NERD!


Ste Pickford

Err, yeah, I totally knew that ducks have teeth.


So, Plok hates your new game for being hard. The same thing that happened to his own game.

I do not regret using savestates to finish Plok.



Magnetic Billiards is not actually that hard. We're just trying to jump on the Flappy Bird bandwagon.

Plok is stupidly hard though.


Make Plok 2 harder. As in Jim Power The Lost Dimension In 3D hard (if you even heard of it that is). I Wanna Be The Guy hard. Tolerating Superman 64 Hard.

Make it as hard as possible. Next to nearly impossible. As in, you two would be the only ones who would ever finsih it because you used cheat codes only in the developer's builds, and to troll us, refuse to program it in any other versions of said game.




Oh come on guys, Plok wasn't that hard! And even if it was, there were so many secret warps that it probably didn't matter in the end if you chose to use them.

By the way Nathan, I Wanna Be The Guy isn't really a good example of hard. It's a game that just hits you with stuff you don't see coming. All that does is make it a memorization game.

If you ask me, Plok was designed well enough for someone to get through without much trouble... Until you hit that tank level, anyway... Nothing really fun about breaking down a wall on a tiny moving platform with a vehicle that has a strange collision box and kickback on every shot.



The ad for your game is funny. I'm still sticking to my Android phone though!

If there ever is a new game, it should be like in the Demon's/Dark Souls series. In these games you lose all your collected souls when you die but can recollect them at the spot where you lost. In Plok you should lose all your limbs and be able to recollect them at the spot where you died. If it's not suitable for the regular game, then at least consider it as an addition for a hard mode, because fact is "The Cave" is one of the more unique levels in Plok.

Also I agree with Cheez that Plok isn't that hard. Sure it's hard for the average gamer, but if you stay patient while playing it's actually quite managable including the part where you have to sit still on moving platform in the tank level (the collision detection is roughly where Plok's body is situated in the tank - if you know that all you really need to worry about is the recoil from your shots)

It would be interesting to know if the Pickford Bros. can actually complete Plok.


Mr. Polygon

@TheDrisk O rly? Well you learn something new everyday. And it's totally cool to be a nerd. Knowledge is power.

Now whomever said that Plok is easy either must have used save states or game genie, or are referring to another game that somehow has the same name. I still can't beat the bloomin bobbins. The second round with Irving is as far as I ever gotten. :( Plok is baisically Touhou's little brother.


Mr. Polygon

And SMB3's cousin.


Mr. Polygon

@ Nathan please

That dosent even come close to hard. You want hard? Try Back to the future 3 on genesis. If that's not enough play cave story. And if that isn't your cup of tea play Touhou on lunatic mode. Let's not even bring up ghost n goblins, or Kaizo Mario. Still if I had to rank Plok he would be right under Ghost n Gobblins but above Megaman. Still he's Touhou's little brother I say.



I really just love the face's in panel 3 it really does just scream "Were not plugging...HONEST!" Mainly Wubba. It's just pretty much summing up this strip perfectly. Although I guess Plok's just procrastinating while he thinks on getting his other arm back...



Wait, Plok is playing on the tablet with his "gloves" on! That means...

He had no need to take them off in episode 23, meaning he faked being unable to use the tablet just so he could freak everyone out!


Ste Pickford



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