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Vol: 2

Fri, 19 Sep 2014

#48 Guardian Angel

Plok gets annoyed with the lovable pile of junk.

#48 Guardian Angel

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Main Series: Vol 2

#48 Guardian Angel

Plok gets annoyed with the lovable pile of junk.

Fri, 19 Sep 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Well I believe we have found the only being in the ENTIRETY of the Universe that likes XBONE. I guess Crappy heaps of trash, um find a way as well.


This would be adorable, if it wasn't for Rockyfella's weird grin...


Rockyfella looks badass here, great artwork!


Mr. Polygon

Rockyfella: OBJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the third panel.

Rocky Wright Ace Attorney of Akrillic


Ste Pickford

*scribbles note - rip off Ace Attorney in a future comic strip*



that "nooooo!" from Rockyfella... looks like the "noooo!" from darth vader xD


If it was the Atari Jaguar instead, Plok would have burned it in a fire.



Good to see plok still ducks/crouches the same... guess its easy to get your feet to your armpit area when they aren't attached to your body. And it's good to see Rocky would take a xbone if given one...Maybe we should give him a GameGear too.



Well God knows what would happen if it was Atari Lynx or the Virtual Boy. He may have to drop a uranium bomb on it.


Hooray! I just found out about this comic today and I read the whole thing (so far). I am a huge PLOK! fan, and I'm so happy he's still active!


Not really. Idiot CoD players that are ny age like the Xbox One.



"You nearsighted scrap pile"

sick burn bruh

even though I'm also nearsighted


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