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Vol: 2

Fri, 12 Sep 2014

#47 A New Hope

Plok sees something he wasn't meant to see.

#47 A New Hope

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Main Series: Vol 2

#47 A New Hope

Plok sees something he wasn't meant to see.

Fri, 12 Sep 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Xbone Trolls Plok. That should be the new description. Also I read on Facebook about the getting rid of ads thing. I'm glad you have so. Much support.


Mr. Polygon

Guess I'll have to go to another site with ads to link to another site to buy nikeys half off. :(


Ste Pickford

Awww, I'm missing the ads now :(


I like xbones expressions


Rayman doesn't have arms.... 0______o


Or an Assassin's mask.


Option 1: Find the real Rayman.

Option 2: Find your other arm.


Or replace it with a gun.


Mr. Polygon


Option 1 may lead to copyright infringement. I don't think that option is safe legally.



Wait a minute. How can Rayman -- I mean Plok see his flag? I can't see it... and I tried looking super hard, too!


Ste Pickford

Have you SEEN the size of Plok's eyes?



Poor Plok :(


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