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Vol: 2

Fri, 05 Sep 2014

#46 Lumpy

Could this be a candy crush saga?

#46 Lumpy

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Main Series: Vol 2

#46 Lumpy

Could this be a candy crush saga?

Fri, 05 Sep 2014

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Mr. Polygon

I always knew Rocky was still evil. Why would he want that hand anyway? He's some magical ground Spirit who becomes one with the dirt and can spit rocks out his head.

Also what if Plok just replaced his arm with a gun? Or a samurai blade? That would be pretty hard core!


Mmmm midget gems.


Thank you guys for finally answering my question. I am relieved. Rocky I demand you give Plok his arm back. Or things are gonna get nasty!


doesn't he usually recover limbs through presents?

give him one of those



I do not want to know where Rockyfella stuck his arm, assuming it didn't blow up


What uses will Rockyfella have with Plok's arm? Last time I remembered, Rockyfella has plenty of his own hands to use (anyone remember battling Rockyfella in Plok?)



I think it's just a prank.


How should you know? Also, what in the heck is a midget gem?


@JPickford, in that case; that's a very good prank you pulled, Rockyfella. Let's hope Plok has a good sense of humour or else we'll see more explosions.



Candy arm


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