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Vol: 2

Fri, 22 Aug 2014

#44 Empty?

There's a runt in every litter.

#44 Empty?

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Main Series: Vol 2

#44 Empty?

There's a runt in every litter.

Fri, 22 Aug 2014

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Because going deeper into places that looks like they're about to kill you is ALWAYS a great idea.


Mr. Polygon

Awww I feel a little sad for that little guy. I hope he dosent get plokinated.


Ste Pickford

The little guy is fun to draw. HE STAYS! (Or is it a she?)



All the fleas are male apart from the queen.


Why does it remind me of Zool? That thing in the ship?



It's Zob AKA Zub from our 80's ZX Spectrum game.




Good thing it's not box art Zub...Then the copyright police would be on this comic like fly to a bin...or maybe fleas to a bin!


So if there's no females, what happens when the queen dies?

Do they all go extinct because they can no longer reproduce?

I don't mean to sound NSFW.


Apparently, the ZX Spectrum version of Zub is freeware (or abandonware) on World of Spectrum. I never played any Spectrum game, but from what I've seen on it on Youtube, all games sound like farts, and the thing was too weak for individual colors without changing the entire palette or something.

If you guys could maybe remake the game (and complete it), and put it as a flash game on this site (minus any potential farting sounds, or coloring issues), then it would be A-OK with me.


Uh oh, he overlooked the little guy over there! What will he find when he gets deeper into the nest? I don't know but I sure know it will be trouble.

@Possum, that's a good point. What I think is just before the fleas queen goes, she'll find her soulmate and have baby fleas with him, one of the baby fleas will be female and the next queen. That's what I think anyway.

Thanks JPickford for that information. When I played the Plok game, I always thought that the fleas are male... even though I never thought about it, it never cross my mind. I automatically thought that they are male.


Well maybe those white ones during the final boss fight were female. I'm sorry I just can't see how the fleas survive like that. Oh well. You fight a giant Ailen bug on a pogo stick so I guess things just work out in the most unexpected ways. No offense though


@Possum, that's a good theory, I forgotten about the white fleas during the final battle.

About my theroy; maybe she will have several female fleas and only one of them will be the queen while the others...I have no idea about the others! Looks like there's a hole in my theroy.



But John, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way.


Mr. Polygon

@ Caramelman

LoL Wut? Is that lyrics to a song?



@ Mr. Polygon

I was just referring to the "all the fleas are male" part and made a Jurassic Park joke out of it. I think no one got it.



Don't leave him alone ;_;


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