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Vol: 2

Fri, 15 Aug 2014

#43 Real Is Not The Only Fruit

And now a word from our sponsor.

#43 Real Is Not The Only Fruit

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Main Series: Vol 2

#43 Real Is Not The Only Fruit

And now a word from our sponsor.

Fri, 15 Aug 2014

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So, in the Plok-verse, bankrupted companies now do advertisements for comics?


Mr. Polygon

Lol Plok endorses fruit pies now? Still Possum brought up a good point. What are those oddly colored pebbles surrounding Plok?????


i remember eating those in elementary(2000-2005) those were goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood:)



They were never available in the UK but we read lots of American comics so we saw those ads and fantasised about these exotic foreign delicacies. And Sea Monkeys.


LOL, I love this comic! It is so funny and creative!

I love how they are reading the Plok comic, it's so funny! I found Rockyfella smile to be cute.

I hope Plok finds his arm in the next panel.


Ok so what about the cliche public service announcement about not smoking and drinking?

Plok Sez

Plok: E'llow mates. Plok ere, ya know I'm a real cool chap with a real cool game with real good music. One thing that isn't cool is smoking. Smoking can give you lung cancer and that's no good! Also drinking is just as bad kids. Only cats whose names start with the letter B and wear no pants smoke and drink.

Problem Bubsy?



Plok doesn't smoke but he loves a pint of beer.


One question, Plok knows he is a videogame character. Did he know this since the first game?



I think even superman was into Hostess. Are comic book characters really paid that badly?


@J Pickford

LOLZ you know Nintendo wouldn't have let you put that in the game, at least the Us version since we get all the censoring, I totally did not know that and I wouldn't have suspected it.


I don't think you've realized, but in those old Hostess (R) ads, only villains ate the products (both Marvel and DC mandated that the heroes weren't to partake).

Unless... Run, Plok, treachery is afoot!



Hey now, it's completely fine... For Rockyfella at least. He's an old vet of the villainy business.

And Xbones are pretty evil in my opinion.



A man! Now I want a delicious HostessĀ® Fruit Pie. Preferably lemon-flavored! They're just so darn good, especially straight out of the toaster or microwave oven! Just don't overcook 'em... That deliciously creamy filly can make quite a mess!


I got a question; isn't foods bad for the XBone? I mean normally when you accidentally drop food and drink on a console, they stop working until you clean it up properly... And where is its mouth?


Ste Pickford

The sponsors stipulated that all characters must eat the product in the final panel. We tried the explain that Xbone doesn't get on with food, but they wouldn't listen.





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