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Vol: 2

Fri, 01 Aug 2014

#41 Unnoticed

Wubba and Rocky debate an important issue.

#41 Unnoticed

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Main Series: Vol 2

#41 Unnoticed

Wubba and Rocky debate an important issue.

Fri, 01 Aug 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Well in some programming languages you do start at zero and not one. Say like you were programming a stop watch or want to make a sprite move at a specific time or place. In order for that to work you have to start at zero since time starts at zero.

That may be a little technical for some people but remember Zero is a very important number in math and everything else.


Mr. Polygon

Glad Wubba and Rocky are ok. Let alone survived. Also can't Plok reassemble himself? He does it in the game.


Awww, the way Plok asks them for help (plus the googley eyes)...

So adorable!


Ste Pickford

I'm not sure I quite captured it in just two panels, but I was trying to duplicate the classic artist / programmer disagreement than will be familiar to anyone from game development. The artist naturally names eight frames of animation as 'frame_1' to 'frame_8', and the programmer gets annoyed as he wants them named 'frame_0' to 'frame_7'. Endless arguing ensues.


Mr. Polygon

>The artist naturally names eight frames of animation as 'frame_1' to 'frame_8', and the programmer gets annoyed as he wants them named 'frame_0' to 'frame_7'. Endless arguing ensues.

Yay somebody understands what I was talking about. :) :)


Mr. Polygon

Well thanks Ste. This comic puts me in the mood to do some programming today. I've been kinda lazy with it.


I found this comic cool, cute and funny!

Don't worry Plok I'll help you...once I figure out how to do it.


Where did that sign come from? Wile-E Cyote?



Well since the explosion already happened in #39 and this one is #41, Rockyfella is unintentionally correct, even though I tend to agree with Wubba's reasoning as it physically makes more sense in the context he mentions it.



Wait, what are those little bits and pieces of Plok all over the place? I thought he explodes into six whole segments? Unless that's not Plok...


@ Joseph Collins

It's uh trap!


I'm not sure if anyone has already shown this; I was looking for pictures of Plok's grandpappy and ended up finding a picture of Plok with Mario in what look like a comic. I went to the website which is called Plok!Wiki and checked it out.

The next day, I checked the website again and went to photo to find the picture I saw last night. I found another picture of a Plok comic called the Adventure of Plok.

Go check it out; search for Plok Wiki and click on Plok! Wiki. Then go to photos and look down the list to find it.

It was cool to see Plok with Mario!


Ste Pickford

Yeah, the Plok with Mario comic strip is from the German Club Nintendo magazine. I've got a copy here. I'll scan it and put it on the blog at some point.


Thank you Ste, I love to see it!



Man, that German Nintendo comic was really something. Plok, Dr. Wily from Mega Man, and several other famous dudes were in that comic at one point or another. I wish A. I could read German and B. had a complete archive of those. But I'll settle for a translation of the Plok one. Heh heh.



Programmer vs Designer



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