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Vol: 2

Fri, 11 Jul 2014

#38 Gaffe

Rockyfella finally gets to tell Plok his news.

#38 Gaffe

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Main Series: Vol 2

#38 Gaffe

Rockyfella finally gets to tell Plok his news.

Fri, 11 Jul 2014

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Mr. Polygon


Yaknow let me just be the first to suggest not going through the trouble of making a 4 panel comic next week. How about just one big mushroom cloud and Rocky and Wubba flying sky high. With Plok in the middle with the Fuuuuuuuuuuu guy face.


Ste Pickford



Brad Silvia

Make sure the single panel is the same size of 4 panels!



Someone cue the boss music, Plok's going to rage...


Mr. Polygon

@ DemolisherBPB

Someone cue "Let the bodies hit the floor" or in Plok's case, let the limbs fly in the sky, making bodies hit the floor!


Oh no he's gonna explode!


Look like I was wrong in my last post but now you have time to prepare yourself for the next comic strip...which will be 100% chance of explosion...I think?

You could tell that Plok is getting angry, oh dear. I love how the top part shows Plok all calm and happy, and then the bottom part shows Plok all angry.



He only just woke up and already he's got to go on another flag adventure. And it won't even be in a game! I'd feel bad for Plok but he's got this covered... I'm more worried about the guy who stole the flag at this point.


Brad Silvia

Hey guys, Rayman was recently added as the first 3rd party character to only be a trophy (not playable) in Smash 4. Rayman Legends was published by Nintendo for the Wii U in Japan.

I feel that Plok should also be added as a collectible trophy. Nintendo published it for Europe and the game was a Nintendo exclusive. Hopefully the Pickford Bros. push for his inclusion to at least get some recognition.


The normal "F" word that means Flappy Stick Cloth Thing by Rockyfella, or the other "F" word which does not exist in old SNES games (although overused in today's games) by Plok?

Or both?


Mr. Polygon

Hey Brad, chill out. I mean yhea it's a bummer Ploks not a well known character but hey, Sakurai will make a new smash bros in about 6 years from now I guess. Also give the Pickford Brothers some time to get Plok out there. I'm sure if Plok was more popular, Sakurai would put him in there. However I guess everyone was into other game characters like Mario and Sonic. But hey, Plok is a great game. And personally I'm ok with him not being widely known. He didn't have to suffer shitty games like Hotel Mario and Sonic 06. He just had one good game, and that's what counts. Also have you checked the internet recently? Search Plok on Google. There's a lot of Plok fans out there. There's even Plok fan-games. So believe me. Ploks got popularity. But you know you shouldn't get bummed out about Plok not being in smash. It's not gonna prove anything we Plok fans don't already know. Plok is a tough dude that gets the job done. And if the world don't like em, we still do. :)


Brad Silvia

@Mr. Polygon:

Just like with Rayman and Solid Snake, the creators of the characters have to push for their inclusion into a Smash Bros. title.

As for Plok being popular enough, I think you should look at the amount of traffic that The Pickfords get (it's not much and they definitely deserve more). After seeing how Rayman got into Smash Bros. as just a trophy at the request of Ubisoft, I hope that The Pickfords do the same for Plok to increase exposure to their character and their website.


Mr. Polygon

@ Brad Silvia

Well regardless if Plok is in it or not, I am totally pumped for smash! Hellz yhea! This will be my second smash game along with Melee. Also have you heard of Mii fighters? Not just that but the roster is cool!



>Just like with Rayman and Solid Snake, the creators of the characters have to push for their inclusion into a Smash Bros. title.

Really? did they campaign to be included? I would have thought Nintendo just picked likely characters and approached the owners.



As I believe the story goes, Hideo Kojima really wanted to see Snake in Smash Bros. Despite this though, I think chances are generally low for companies to pull that one off.



Kojima himself already asked for Snake to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but Sakurai trurned him down for being too late. So he tried again for Brawl and Sakurai gave it some thought, which resulted in having Snake for Brawl.

But Sakurai can be very picky at times. He recently stated that the roster for Super Smash Bros. U/3D was set near the beginning of development, and that fan input had almost no impact on it.

So, I guess PLOK could become a DLC character, but I fear he's not iconic enough for Nintendo to get him in. And if he was planned, Sakurai would've called you already... wait, did he?!



Oh, there's zero chance of Plok being included. I was just interested in the idea that the originators pushed for their character's inclusion.





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