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Vol: 2

Fri, 04 Jul 2014

#37 Interrupt

The news has to wait just a little bit longer.

#37 Interrupt

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Main Series: Vol 2

#37 Interrupt

The news has to wait just a little bit longer.

Fri, 04 Jul 2014

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ha ha..another great strip... You know my Kinnect has been boxed away for years..total waste of money.


Mr. Polygon

Well I do fear what Plok is gonna do next comic. Also I personally prefer the Wii. It's because I grew up on Nintendo consoles. I only have the original XBOX.


Mr. Polygon

Plok looks real sassy in the second panel. Also I guess I was wrong about Xbone. Sure he's annoying, but not evil. Also is Xbone like X and Bone or an abbreviation of X box one? Like X.B. One.


Second panel: Talk to the hand!


Ste Pickford

Thanks Mr Polygon! I was really pleased with that pose in the second panel.


I've also notice that the first and last panels are the same just that Plok has been moved over and Xbone is not talking.


Ste Pickford



Since exactly why did Plok not explode back when the fleas took his flag back in 1993?


@Nathan, probably because he was able to find some traces. This time, however, it might be a bit more difficult to name any suspect, so Plok is possibly going to go full rage-mode on Famosa (or are they on Pota Pota?).


@ Nathan

He was probably scared and inexperienced. Now that he is more mature I guess he dosent deal with stupid stuff.


Brad Silvia

Maybe Plok should 'let it go'.


Mr. Polygon

@ Brad Silvia

Gaaaaaaaaah nooooo! Not that cursed song that came from the depths of hell!

But don't underestimate Plok. He's got the 'potential for anything' !!!

He's gonna make some bodies hit the floor for sure.



This just crossed my mind: Has anyone ever wondered before what Rockyfella looks from the waist down?


Uh nope I think he's just a torso. Look at his flea pit image.


What if Rockyfella isn't just ONE guy, but basically has heads pop up from all over the ground, and his thousand-headed body occupies the world's core as a giant monstrosity? With rock (?) vomiting heads.

Which also explains why Plok beat up tiny Rockyfellas on Cotton Island.


Unless of course, I am crazy, and Rockyfella simply looks like Diglett instead.



He can take any form he likes.



Either Plok is really good at picking up where he left off, or he forgot he already got surprised once. Either way works for me, he's a real character for sure.

On the subject of Rockyfella, I'm pretty sure I've never seen him twice, so he must have been just following Plok around and harassing him about his unofficial land ownership. The game does actually mention he's hiding under signs, and the ground is pretty much his domain, so it's not so far fetched to believe he stays one step ahead of Plok to give him another ambush.

On the subject of Plok not exploding before now, I'd chalk that up to creative liberties. He wasn't much of an exploder at all, but he sure could get angry! That said, I imagine the old Plok game didn't quite use up all the concepts the good bros. originally thought up in character design, but that's how old games go, really. Sometimes you just gotta put something on the shelf if it seems like it won't significantly add to the project, so the game lacks mention of many "qualities" of our hero and the folks around him, simply because there's no room or time. Like Brendammi Bog proper? Maybe even Breezy Beach? Badream Fens also sounded interesting even though it wasn't even a named location in the accessible parts of the game.


I think the Pickfords would blame Tim Follin for his music taking up most of the game cartridge space. Unless if the impossibly CD-like quality music was somehow compressed...


@Nathan Haha, seems about right! The soundtrack to the game is so unbelievable, just like all of his work! I would love to see the Pickfords mention the soundtrack in a later comic strip.



The music is mega compressed compared to CD music. It's sequenced 'chip' music but using high quality (for the time) but well compressed samples rather than tones generated by a chip. What most people call Midi but not actually Midi it was Software Creations custom format.

As for exploding, Plok explodes all the time in that he comes apart. Like an exploded diagram.



So every time he flings his fists and legs at everybody, that's also what you mean by exploding? Hm. Interesting stuff.



Yeah that was the original idea. It was never necessarily about a violent explosion.

But that idea feeds into his character. That he may just go ballistic at any time.


WARNING: On the next web comic strip, there will be 100% chance of explosion so make sure you wear protective equipment/clothes before the next comic strip comes out!

Love the comics, thanks Pickford Bros. for making this. And thank you to everybody who are support them.


Ste Pickford



Daw man. Gotta go to to the bomb shelter and read this


Hola chicos!!

Me llamo Alex soy de la isla de Mallorca(Spain) quiero daros las gracias por la maravilla de juego que programasteis!!

Tengo 32 años y es imposible olvidar un juego como Plok.... es una obra maestra.

Lo compré con 12 años en 1994 cuando era un niño, habían muchos juegos en la tienda pero elegí Plok, no se por que.... algo me dijo que ese era mi juego!! Y vaya que sí!!!!! Siempre lo jugaba y nunca me cansaba!! gráficos, música, etc... todo un 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gracias de corazón.... tenéis un fan para toda vuestra vida amigos.



Plok's had it with Rocky's shiz in the second panel


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