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Vol: 2

Fri, 27 Jun 2014

#36 Beady Eye

Xbone keeps an eye on Plok.

#36 Beady Eye

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Main Series: Vol 2

#36 Beady Eye

Xbone keeps an eye on Plok.

Fri, 27 Jun 2014

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I bet nobody once played Rayman and said "This guys a little like Plok, But that joke exists, Plok just needs to remember he came first!



He's having doubts. Did you know the RayMan bloke got a French Knighthood? I hate my life.



(I don't hate my life)


Mr. Polygon

Ha Ha! Wait Xbone has thoughts and feelings? Ooooooooo!


So if Rockyfella is in the comic, and the Flea Queen is in the comic, is there any possibility that the Bobbins Brothers might eventually make an appearance?


Ste Pickford

They've got to one day.



@Betaman: It seems to be a different flea queen in the comic compared to the one from the game.

Which leads me to the Bobbins Brothers. I got the following info from the German official Nintendo magazine which in hindsight tended to be quite liberal in their interpretations of the plots in the video games they covered - So is it true that during Grandpappy Plok's fight with the Bobbins Brothers one of them lost his life and that this is the reason Plok only fights two of them instead of the three Grandpappy Plok had to fight?

If true this seems quite dark for a game targeted at a young audience.

Anyway is there a reason why Plok is object 0x23A? If Xbone in the comic increments every new object by one this should mean the flea queen gave birth to 569 or 570 fleas (it depends if it starts counting at 0).


Ste Pickford

Well spotted. Yes, there are 569 (or 570) fleas.


I got the impression that Irving was banished from the group for being annoying or foolish. And also for having kind of a funny first name. Nothing sensible like "Plok."

Nintendo Power magazine said something like "Irving, who left the act long ago." Game magazines did like to fill in the blanks on their own if they had more space than their actual confirmed information could occupy. Sadly (or not) they used the actual concept art in the article instead of having one of their staff artists interpret the game sprites.

I always liked the way the Bobbinses descended while clinging to chains. Games of that era rarely had such stylish character entrances.


Oh right and it worked with the boss music perfectly, what with their huge mouths and that creepy laugh-noise. I have to wonder what the Follins were expecting players to take from that.



The Bobbins Bros were named after the children of Ignatz Mouse.


So if at least 2 of the Bobbin's Brothers are still alive, does that mean Grandpappy Plok is alive, assuming that the... whatever they are have long lives? Or is Grandpappy Plok more or less flea chow?


Mr. Polygon


Well according to the game, after Plok beats the Bobbins for the first time he says "Grandpappy would be proud of me" assuming that he is dead. Now who knows we may be dealing with a Paper Mario scenario where he's not dead but being held captive and everybody thinks he's dead. Personally I think he's dead due to that giant statue and the tense in which Plok talks about him. Hey Maybe we should present this to the game theorist. It would be interesting to see Plok on that show and what they would say. But I don't think there is enough evidence to prove if he's truly dead or not.


Mr. Polygon

@ Zinkugel

I heard that the laughing comes from another game the Follins worked on. I think it was a batman game. Also I know what happened to Irving. He ditched his bros to become a basketball player. Thus known as Kevin Irving.


Mr. Polygon

I know what happened to Irving! He ditched his bros and became Kyrie Irving!

Mystery solved!


But Plok claims that Grandpappy Plok did his dirty business "50 years ago". The Bobbins Brothers did not age. Neither did Plok age when he decided to sleep for 20 years. Nor did Rockyfella.


Oops, looks like Rockyfella came at the wrong place at the wrong time, LOL. Plok will not be happy when he'll hear the news about his flag.

And Plok, if you want to know, I played your game first before Rayman.



So did Ubisoft!


Didn't Plok originally have blue eyes? Did the long "kip" change his eye colour from blue to brown?


@ JPickford

"So did Ubisoft!"

Ha Ha Ha! Great joke! Plok still is better though.



LOL @ JPickford's joke!


Well that's interesting that the interpretations differ from magazine to magazine. I still remember that the German magazine said that Plok holds his flags so dear because they were knitted by his grand-mom :P

My take on the Bobbins' introduction I always wondered where the chains ascended from (helicopter?) but I guess I should just leave it as being part of the game's surreal world - the flea pit even features many traffic signs, which could very well mean that it was once home to an underground society now inhabited by fleas and their mutations or maybe it's just the pushed down stratum from ages ago... but then the game features two levels which depict abandoned towns on Akrillic. It would be interesting if Plok's world was explored more in the future.

You had me thinking about boss introductions from games two decades ago and the only bosses from my memory where they bothered with introductions are the poses the robot masters do in the Mega Man games.


I had to hop in here to offer some praise on this wonderful series. I grew up with Plok on the SNES, and sadly I thought I'd never see the character again. Just this morning I decided to randomly look him up, and I found this comic. As an aspiring independant comic artist, it brings me a lot of joy to see Plok being handled lovingly in comic form by his creators. The art and writing are both ace; I look forward to seeing more. I love that you're doing this for free, and hope to contribute financially just as soon as I can find some stable employment. I know what it's like producing comics for free, and I know how good it can feel to have folks offer money because they believe in your project. Best of luck to the both of you in your future endeavours, I'll be watching this space.


@ NameThat Nobody Takes

"Were the Bobbins Bros, but you can call us the handsome guys."

Plok: We might be able to locate the fwee queen using duh wadar woom. When we find dat meteor well find duh fwee queen!


@Name That Nobody Takes

Also what about super Mario Advance? When you get to a boss they say something like "this is as far as you go!" or "Step right up, if you wanna get toasted." Also in Sonic Advance 3 they give Eggman about 3 seconds to laugh and show the player his machine before the boss battle begins.


I was referring to games specifically from 1994 or earlier! Game designers are more likely to make a unique event of a battle now. In the Plok days a player was lucky to even get a foe-specific taunt prior to being attacked, although I prefer nothing at all to a pace-breaking speech.


Will be the posibility to have all of the comic in a Plok's sequel? that would be great!!

What about a remake of the original..? :D


Ste Pickford

We're only working on the comic at the moment.


That's just what YOU want us to believe.


@ JPickford, LOL, that's is so funny... and it could be true.

About the Bobbin Brothers, I never thought about that. I always thought that the ones Plok faced were just relatives of the Bobbin Brothers that Plok's grandpappy fought.



Its the same ones. Well not all of them obviously.

Think of it like the Marx Brothers. Only more evil.



rayman bad plok good


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