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Vol: 2

Fri, 20 Jun 2014

#35 Yobbo

Rocky discovers the cause of the commotion.

#35 Yobbo

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Main Series: Vol 2

#35 Yobbo

Rocky discovers the cause of the commotion.

Fri, 20 Jun 2014

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Aw no... Of all the things to happen, why THAT? *laughs*


Brad Silvia

Teaser for the plot of Plok 2?


Mr. Polygon

And the climax of this comic begins. Gee come to think of it it took a real long time to get to this point. Kind of like the butterfly story in the web comic Sandra and Woo. Still I'm glad you guys kept doing it and didn't give up and rush things like I do with my comics. Keep up the great comics. Oh and have a great Summer!


Mr. Polygon

@ Brad Silvia

I wish


Coming to a Nintendo eShop near you? *crosses fingers*


How exactly does Rockyfella find his way around Polly-Esta when he sees nothing but dirt when digging?





Mr. Polygon

@ JPickford

Really? A gps?

Why not heat detection or using that odd hole in his head to collect samples of dirt to determine whether he's under land or water. Also is he freinds with Diglet and Dugtrio, and a member of the No Lower Body Club. Along with the two pokemon mentioned and the muppets?


Mr. Polygon

I didn't want to sound aggressive or mean in the last comment and I apologized if I did.

However I just can't see him using a gps. Unless you mean like a natural one like heat detection or sensors like worms and moles have.


Or maybe rocky's father left him a map of his pre-dug tunnels when he was on his deathbed.


@ Nick

Well according to the game, Rocky is a pretty old chap. In the game when Grandpappy Plok pulls him out of the ground, he says "Bah it's you!" This was 50 years before Plok so I guess he dug all those holes by himself.



There are no holes or tunnels.


Oh no, not again! What is Rockyfella going to do? Tell Plok and have him explode in his face, or find the person who took the flag and get the flag back to Plok? What will Rockyfella do?



oh oh...



Regarding Rockyfella's mode of transportation, it seems like he just kind of "swims" or "phases" through the dirt without displacing it. The only trace he's there would be the indentations left when he pops out of the ground.

Of course, that's how I see it. I could easily be wrong.


Mr. Polygon

@ JPickford& Joseph Collins

So he's like the shadow sirens from paper Mario? Or the pea shooter dudes from Spongebob Movie the game? He just goes in the ground and becomes transparent?

Kinda misleading because when you fight him, the ground gets displaced. Also his main attack is shooting his brain- I mean boulders at Plok. Is he some rock spirit forced to roam the grounds of Pollyesta for eternity?


I also have a bigger question.

Why wasn't Plok's flag stolen when he was sleeping for 20 years?



^ Because is a flag... who wants a flag?


@ Nathan

Zob and Flea Queen.


Oops that was directed towards Zeox not Nathan



I seem to recall him essentially being the ground, or at least being pretty well attached to it. He hated Plok for his flagpole fetish.


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