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Vol: 1

Tue, 01 Oct 2013

#12 Lake

Plok discovers a new game.

#12 Lake

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Main Series: Vol 1

#12 Lake

Plok discovers a new game.

Tue, 01 Oct 2013

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Hell no! The Dianoga trash monster.

I wonder though, how does PLOK even talk with his mouth submerged?

Or maybe that's no water, just thin space honey. Now that would be a 'plok twist'...


Ste Pickford

Good point about the submerged mouth... I should have blurred Plok's speech bubbles or something like that.


How exactly can Plok swim in the first place? It's a shame his game is a thing of the past. Screw you modern day games!!!


I'm currently in the stage of attempting indie development myself, young ambitious and afraid of the world.

Plok has go to be the definitive blueprint for the sort of game I wish to create *NOT SUCKING UP*

The thing that stood out to me most aside from the bright colors satire humor and ridiculous difficulty.

The Music

The Plok soundtrack to me deserved the recognition of any of the high profile game releases of the time Mario etc If ever you do revisit Plok I only ask that you keep the music in the same vein with that you've created before.



Though I realise I've just bigged up the Follins work....

Plok is solid


Ste Pickford

Thank you SirrGreggs. Good luck with the indie game development!


I agree I have never played Plok before but from the play throughs I've seen it is a real good game. I sure wish it was on virtual console.


There is no if and or but about it Plok is simply the best character ever! Oh yhea when I get a little more experienced I plan to make games too! And of course my first one will be a 16 bit style game since I love 16 bit games like Plok and Yoshi's Island!


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