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Vol: 1

Thu, 19 Sep 2013

#10 Joke

Plok is introduced to a new area by a new character.

#10 Joke

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Main Series: Vol 1

#10 Joke

Plok is introduced to a new area by a new character.

Thu, 19 Sep 2013

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Ste Pickford

Apologies to anyone who's posted a comment here but can't see it. We've just moved servers, and unfortunately lost a couple of days' worth comments. We did read them, and appreciate them all.


Oh no, those winning lottery numbers I predicted here will be lost forever.. ;)

Ploktastic! Great stuff Ste!


Ste Pickford

Actually, I removed the comments to keep those winning lottery numbers to myself. Mwahahahaha!


Ste Pickford

They didn't win (


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