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Vol: 1

Fri, 30 Aug 2013

#6 Free

Plok learns some infuriating news.

#6 Free

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Main Series: Vol 1

#6 Free

Plok learns some infuriating news.

Fri, 30 Aug 2013

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Plok's Odyssey



We've done everything we can.

There are no (exploding) heroes left in man


Plok3D time? :3


Please no PLOK!3D, haven't you learned anything from Bubsy 3D?


Don't worry Plok.

Better to have just one great game than multiple bad ones.

(Still would have loved a Plok 2 though...)



If we make a new Plok it'll be 2D.


Bloomin' Blubsy, lol.


This site really brings tears to my eyes... Freaking love Plok. Awesome work ! ! !


Walter middleton

I wish there was a sequel


Hey I've got a good suggestion if you make a Plok 2. Instead of fleas, use lice or bedbugs! Both those things are a pain in the ass and I am sure that if Plok can take down a legion of fleas he can take out other annoying creatures as well !


Hey Plok, ever think about being in the exterminator business?






bubsy bad plok good


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