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Plok The Exploding Man

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The Cast

Who's Who in Plok's World

It's early days yet, so the current cast list is quite short. Plok has only just woken up. Give him a chance to meet people!


The Exploding Man!


Plok is an angry bundle of raw energy. He can make use of his detachable limbs, but can't always control himself and regularly explodes, often losing his limbs in the process.

After starring in a critically-acclaimed cult-classic video game from 1993, Plok has woken up 20 years later to discover the world is not quite in the state he was expecting.

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He's made of stone and lives in the ground


Rockyfella lives deep underground but is able to pop up anywhere he likes, poking his head and hands above the ground. Nobody has ever seen lower than his chest.

He used to have wild temper and was once an dangerous adversary of Plok, attacking him with rocks fired from the top of his head. Life has since worn him down, and these days Rockyfella a good-natured old chap who gets on with his life without bitterness or anger.

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The Queen

Evil boss, or protected species?

The Queen

The Queen arrived from space, her egg attracted by a 'Skree Beacon' flag on the roof of Plok's house.

Now risen from the slime-coated crater from her crash-landing, the Queen has set up a nest in a secluded cave, where she's laid a batch of familair looking eggs.

Is she a friend or an enemy?

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Commander Zob

Genetically engineered eco-ranger

Commander Zob

What is Zob? The truth is, we don't really know.

This bio has been put together from the few scraps of data that still exist concerning the ill-fated Zob system.

Commander Zob is a genetically engineered life-form, a fighting machine, and a galactic eco-ranger. He's an old-timer who has already earned fame (though not fortune) for his role in the Green Eye Debacle, and his (as yet unexplained) survival of execution following that mis-adventure.

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Wubba Ducky

The dub-step duck


Originally the guardian of the lakes from the cult puzzle game Wetrix, Wubba is currently homeless as nobody is playing his (or is it her?) game anymore.

Wubba has joined Plok as his travelling companion and sidekick.

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Plok is a self-proclaimed video game super-star created by The Pickford Bros.

First seen in the classic SNES platformer Plok!, he has now been reborn here in comic strip form.

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A comic by The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros