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The Pickford BrothersJohn and Ste


Ste's Illustration Process Blog

A series of step-by-step process posts for various illustration projects.

After completing an illustration project I like to look back and analyse the different stages of the process, from initial concept sketches to finished work, seeing how faithful the final piece was to the initial idea, or looking at what worked and what didn't along the way. Also, even when I'm really happy with the finished illustration, I always think the pencil version looks better!

I love seeing other artists' work in the early stages, so figured some people out there might like to see mine. Here I'll add blog posts that show the full process of completed illustration projects, with the most recent at the top of the list.

Grid Pix Commodore 64 cover

This is a cover design I did for a new Commodore 64 game by Carleton Handley, being released by RGCD.

Digitiser DVD cover

This is a cover design I did for the DVD release of the Digitiser YouTube show, for Kickstarter backers, done over Christmas 2018.

Plok volume 2 book cover

A step by step walkthrough of the process of creating the Plok volume 2 cover, from notebook scribble to finished digital art.

Plok comic panel

A process blog for drawing an individual panel of the Plok comic, in animated GIF form. I should do more of these.


I did a whole series of process posts on the illustrations I did for the novel Deg.

» They have their own page in the archive.