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Dirty Drivin'

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This is a concept and prototype we were working on at Zed Two back in 2000 ish.

The idea was to create a driving game with a full mud simulation. It was sort of based on what we'd done with the flowing water in Wetrix. This was actually aimed at GCPS2 level tech rather than current gen stuff so it would have been quite cool if we'd pulled it off.

The mud wasn't cosmetic, you could fling as much mud around as you liked, fill pits with it, build hills out of it etc. The trick to getting it working on the limited tech of the time was to use a large texture to cache the visual side of it and only use live polygons close to the player vehicle. The join is quite easy to see!

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Dirty Drivin' screen shot 1

Project details


Sun, 01 Oct 2000

Development studio:

Zed Two

Main client / publisher:




Proper Pickford Bros game?

Yes, this is definitely one of our games!

Core studio team:

John Pickford

Game Designer, Programmer

Ste Pickford


Paul Salmon

Concept Artist

Dirty Drivin' PC WO cover





Release date:



Dirty Drivin'




Zed Two



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