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Spyral Saga

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A large, ambitious adventure game for the PlayStation, for Sony Europe. The concept started life as the sequel to SNES Equinox (itself the sequel to NES Solstice, both developed for Sony Japan), but only the isometric viewpoint and adventure genre were kept, no storyline continuity.

The game got bogged down in development difficulties, and was eventually canned after Ste had left Software Creations to start Zed Two.

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Spyral Saga screen shot 1 Spyral Saga screen shot 2

Project details


Sun, 01 Jan 1995

Development studio:

Software Creations

Main client / publisher:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe



Proper Pickford Bros game?

No, either a work-for-hire project, or we aren't claiming much credit for this game.

Core studio team:

Ste Pickford

Game Designer, Producer, Lead Artist

Andy Miah

Lead Programmer

David Gill


Pete Scott



Tools Programmer

Justin Eagleton

Graphic Artist

Lyndon Brooke

Graphic Artist

Dave Mac

Graphic Artist

Weston Samuels

Concept Artist


Graphic Artists




Script Writer

Spyral Saga PlayStation WO cover





Release date:



Spyral Saga


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


Software Creations



† Sales Estimates
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