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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

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Magnetic Billiards is a game idea that came from an old blueprint we found in a bundle of papers hidden in the family attic, belonging to our great-great-grandfather.

Along with the blueprint we found some notes, a couple of old photographs, and newspaper cuttings dated 1888. From this we pieced together the rules and mechanics of this long lost game, designed by our ancestor a hundred and twenty three years ago!

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint is the first video game of this ancient sport that we've developed, and has has involved a lot of experimentation with rule balancing and feature implementation. Further work will be required to really fully explore the potential of the game.

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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint screen shot 1 Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint screen shot 2 Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint screen shot 3 Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint screen shot 4

Project details


Sun, 01 Aug 2010

Development studio:

The Pickford Bros

Main client / publisher:




Proper Pickford Bros game?

Yes, this is definitely one of our games!

Core studio team:

John Pickford

Game Designer, Programmer

Ste Pickford

Game Designer, Graphic Artist, Website

Jeremy Corbett

Sound Designer

Kevin MacLeod


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint iOS WO cover





Release date:

Sat, 16 Jul 2011


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint




The Pickford Bros



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