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Plok German print ad - SNES

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Tue, 12 Nov 2013
Subject: Plok!

Ste Pickford

After posting the terrible UK print ad for Plok on the SNES, then the strange US one that was at least half about other games, a very kind blog reader gave us a scan of the German print ad for the Nintendo release of the game, from around 1994 I think.

I've no idea how well the game sold in Germany (we never saw a single sales figure from any territory), but at least this ad shows a couple of screenshots from the game, and the main character, giving you some idea what you'd get for your 120 deutschmarks, or whatever console games cost in Germany back then.

Decent job Nintendo Germany. 7/10.


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Aw that looks so crisp. Too bad the Us doesn't know the meaning of good advertisement. Still the American box art looks childish yet horrific at the same time


Oops I meant eerie not horrific the box art was genius


Glad you like it. The text is even written as if PLOK is promoting his own game. 'I chuck my arms and legs at anything that gets in my way - and they keep coming back!' was indeed a huge selling point at that time.


Ste Pickford

Haha, cool!


If only that game was on the consoles of today. I would buy it the millisecond it comes out!


Nice! I can remember that ad on one of those "Club Nintendo" issues that I use to have from way back. Now the only Plok-related thing that I still own is the receipt I got when I bought the game back in 1995.

Of course I can't say how popular the game was in Germany, but in my neighborhood I was one of two kids who owned the game - that's not representative however ;)


If you look for Plok on eBay (with worldwide search) the most of the Plok games seems to be ze german (PAL) Version. Plok was really popular in Germany, I guess it was due to the good advertisment (TV commercial and ads) Accordinh to this I guess that the most Plok games were sold in Germany.


Mr. Polygon

Sniff Sniff Curse you Rayman and Bubsy! Plok is the original trendsetter! You guys are followers! >: c



@ John

Haha yeah, could be! Me and at least two friends of mine owned a copy back then, so I always was under the impression that PLOK! was a commercial success. Strange for me to find out that it might've been otherwise.



This is the best of the three


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