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Plok US print advert #1 - SNES

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Wed, 23 Oct 2013
Subject: Plok!

Ste Pickford

We blogged the ridiculous UK press advert for Plok a couple of weeks ago. To follow that up this is one of the two weird US print ads for the same game, and it's only slightly better.

Better because it at least shows Plok on the advert (although no screenshots, or much indication of what type of game it is), but weird because 50% of the advert is taken up by other games.

That wouldn't be so bad if these were other games the publisher was selling at the same time, but they weren't. As far as I recall neither Double Dragon or Battletoads were out at the time. So a full half of the advert is a reminder that the publisher of this new game also published some other games you might have liked. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before.

And this was from a publisher (Tradewest) that didn't actually make games - they were never a developer. There's no sense that all these games were 'made' by the same people, or might be of a similar quality. And nobody who actually made Plok had anything to do with those other games.

Tradewest they just bought or licensed games made by other developers or publishers in other countries, and published them in the US.

So, the advert is basically saying 'from the suits that licensed the finished Double Dragon game from Technos for the US market, and who also licensed Battletoads from Rare for the same territory, have now licensed a completely different game from a completely different developer, so you know it's going to be good!"


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Well, that is actually a thing in the book industry; "From the same company that only did the printing of Book X, comes the printing of Book Y!"


I saw a picture online were the two dudes from double dragon were killing fleas along with Plok I am not sure if Tradewest made it or if it was photoshopped but it made me think of this advert try typing in double dragon and Plok on google images


I'm reminded of the German TV commercial for Plok (which I sadly can't find and highly likely fell through the cracks of time). It had Plok talking over it, he was dubbed with a very high-pitched shrill voice while in the background you heard the theme song and saw gameplay from various Cotton Island levels. Despite the voice the music and gameplay convinced me that it had to be an awesome game.


Ste Pickford

Oh wow! We've never seen that! We've got a comic strip from Nintendo Germany's Official Magazine, with Plok ice skating with Mario for some reason, which we'll scan and post soon.


I heard it was some galaxy tournament thingy where various video game characters like Megaman and Sonic And Mario competed for a trophy. Plok was supposed to be challenging Mario for the finals. Plok sure knows how to get his face in a lot of media without legal permission. Ain't gonna happen with my character!


Hey, I remember that TV commercial NameThatNobodyTakes was talking about, well at least I remember the catchy theme song playing throughout.

Anyway, I just wanted to share something from German Club Nintendo issue 04/94, maybe you guys are happier about that one:

ht tp://picload.org/image/oiaigpp/plokad.png (watch the blank because links don't work)


Ste Pickford

Oh, thanks for that! I've not seen the German ad before. Could be worse.



Wait, so Plok is made of energy?


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