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Interview in French, Hitphone.fr

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Mon, 07 Nov 2011
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Ste Pickford

I did an interview last week with François Bliss de la Boissière for ace French mobile gaming website Hitphone.fr, covering Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, iOS development, being an indie, and video games in general.

My French is a little rusty, but I thought I did pretty well to answer the questions fired at me in such exhaustive detail.

(Not really! I'm a typical Brit who can't speak anything other than English. François did the interview in English, then the excellent translation into French himself.)


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My Fr est pretty rusty aussi. But I could follow enough to detect the marvellously discreet "daltonien" for "colour-blind person".


Ste Pickford

Yep, there was some discussion about the enhancements coming in the new update for colour-blind players.


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