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Games We Like

John and Ste recommend some of their favourite iOS games, made by some of their favourite indie developers

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Games We Like are a selection great indie games we've enjoyed, made by other indie developers we like, that we think deserve your attention.

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Since launching the Games We Like intiative we've been delighted to see lots of other indie developers getting involved, on twitter (#gameswelike) and through their websites and blogs. Just for fun, we've started to compile a list of ther developers' 'Games We Like' pages from around the web:

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One thing we've learned since we started self-publishing our own games is that getting noticed is *hard*.

It's no good making a brilliant video game if hardly anyone gets to play it, but that can easily happen to a lot of great indie games.

iOS is especially difficult as there are so many games out there, and very few press opportunities available to small indies.

So, as well as shouting about our own games, we thought we'd start talking about other indie games we like - the kind of excellent games that can easily be missed in the App Store ocean.


Ste Pickford says...
John Pickford says...


We're not game critics, and aren't claiming that this is a list of the best games ever.

What we want to do is highlight a selection of games made by other indies who we like or admire personally, or who are doing something interesting or cool, or who make games in the way that we think they should be made.

Every game listed here is well worth your time and money, and by buying or downloading any of them you'll be supporting the future of original, independent video game creation.



We've picked mostly iOS games for now, as that's the platform we're working on, but we'll throw in a few indie games on other platforms soon.

We'll also keep updating and refreshing this list over time as well, so check back regularly for more recommendations.


Ste Pickford says...
John Pickford says...


Before we start though, you have checked out our game, Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, haven't you?

It's dead good, and it was nominated for a BAFTA dontchaknow?


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint available on the App Store Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint available on the App Store

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