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What to blog...

I wrote a massive blog post on Friday, but I had second thoughts before posting it. It was about the game we're currently finishing off; both the good side of development as all our ideas click into p...

By Ste Pickford
Mon, 07 Apr 2008


We've never had any significant contact with Microsoft's Xbox division. Most of our games at Zed Two were primarily aimed at Sony or Nintendo platforms (we had existing relationships with people at bo...

By Ste Pickford
Mon, 25 Feb 2008

Going Grand

I've not written anything for the blog for a while (apologies to both my dedicated readers), because there's not been much to write about as far as the new project goes. We're coming up to the end of ...

By Ste Pickford
Thu, 14 Feb 2008

The first 30...

I've been fascinated over the last few weeks by the the discussion surrounding the Live Arcade game Space Giraffe, and its author Jeff Minter's reaction on his blog to its low sales (around 15,000) an...

By Ste Pickford
Mon, 03 Dec 2007

2 Player wor...

John and I had the first go on the two player mode of our new game on Friday afternoon. John beat me 3-0. I should have won the first game, but gut flustered just as I was about to win and messed up. ...

By Ste Pickford
Sun, 04 Nov 2007

Proud Dad

It was parents' evening at my eldest daughter's primary school last night. They're never particularly eventful occasions; her teacher will tell us that she's doing fine but she doesn't hold her pen pr...

By Ste Pickford
Wed, 10 Oct 2007

Back to the ...

I did the speech at the Game Republic event in Sheffield a week or so ago, and had a really good evening - meeting a bunch of the Yorkshire lads I don't see that often, and chatting to a few people I'...

By Ste Pickford
Wed, 03 Oct 2007


I've been asked to give a talk at a Yorkshire video game developers meeting in a week or so, on the subject of 'originality', or 'profiting from originality'. I readily agreed to do this a few months ...

By Ste Pickford
Wed, 12 Sep 2007

Game design ...

John and I meet up at either his house or my house every Friday, then go to the pub for a few pints to discuss the games and designs we're working on. It's a system that's worked really well for us ov...

By Ste Pickford
Thu, 12 Apr 2007

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