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Grid Pix - Finished!

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Ste Pickford

In this version I’ve added the shading, which makes a big difference. On every side of every block I added a darken or lighten gradient, fading away from the most forward corner of that block. I also faded down the saturation of each block towards its base, which added a sense of agedness to each one. I desaturated all the ‘stains’ on each block, and I also upped the saturation towards the centre of the image (the top of the pyramid), fading it away towards the edge of the image (bottom of the pyramid), which kind of draws your eye to the top.

I also added an overlaid texture, quite subtle, to the blocks, giving them all a bit of roughness, and added a different texture to the sky and the ground, giving a subtle unevenness to the floor and sky. No texture on the clouds, just subtle shading.

Oh, and I added the logo I’d drawn. I didn’t design the logo, it’s based on the one already drawn for the game’s loading screen, but I redraw it here to match the style of the cover.

This version is cropped to the maximum size that I drew, including the overdraw on the top and bottom and the sides. The actual game cover will be cropped tighter than this, and will have additional logos and other information overlaid.


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