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Grid Pix - Rough #3

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Ste Pickford

The next day I started browsing twitter with my morning coffee, and saw a comic panel posted by the brilliant John Cullen (@nellucnhoj), where he’d drawn some beautiful clouds in the background, where they were flat on the bottom, and bubbly above, sort of resting on a band of denser air. I realised that was what I needed here, to enhance the feeling of space and wonder, and complement the perspective of the pyramid in the foreground.

I told him I was going to rip off his ace clouds, and he didn’t click ‘like’ on that tweet, so I hope he’s not annoyed at me...

I sketched out the clouds in curved bands, giving the feel of a ‘big’ sky, and also sketched out some other, smaller stone pyramids in the distance. I was torn between following the perspective lines of the main pyramid, or centre point on the horizon, and neither looked quite right for the mini pyramids, but I figured it would work once it was complete.


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