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Grid Pix - Rough #2

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Ste Pickford

OK, I’d finally finished the inking. My hand was aching, but I was nearly finished, right? Just quickly bang in some clouds for the background then I could colour it in and I’d be done.

I imagined some swirly clouds in the background, not too obtrusive. Maybe I could do some curly swirls on the top. I did a rough sketch and started neater pencils on top, then just stopped and looked at it. This was garbage.

I realised I was in too much of a rush to get it finished, and instead of drawing something good, I was trying to draw something quick and easy, and it wasn’t working. I just stopped and went and watched telly, and tried not to think about the fact I had no idea what to do for the background.


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