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DRM cassette inlay

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 14 Mar 2016

Ste Pickford

Last year I did the cover artwork for a videogame for the first time. Rob Fearon kindly asked me to do a cover painting for his lovely little arcadey shooter Death Ray Manta. I enjoyed doing the work, and I thought it came out pretty well. It was nice to see my artwork on the game's Steam page, but it's not quite the same as holding a copy of the game in my hand.

I even did some prints of the cover artwork (click the Prints for Sale link on the right if you fancy one), but it's still not the same as holding a copy of the game in my hand.

Last week Rob dropped the game to the sweet, sweet price of £1.99, which for anyone who's into games and of a certain age instantly screams 'pocket money' and 'Mastertronic'.

Even though I worked on a few Mastertronic games (which I can hold in my hand), I never did any cover art, so yesterday I spent my day off in front of Photoshop (as usual) and made a mockup of the DRM cover as it would have looked if it came out 30 years earlier. I reckon it looks pretty good. I can almost hold it in my hand.

Click the photo to see the full cassette inlay.


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