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3D Plok from 1994?

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 23 Feb 2015
Subject: Plok!

Ste Pickford

Here's a fascinating little curio, a photo from the back page of a Software Creations (the studio where we developed Plok on the SNES) corporate brochure, from around 1994 or 1995.

The page is describing how high tech and cutting-edge Creations were. Plok was probably the most recent release at the time, so the idea of a 3D Plok is supposed to be a hint at future developments.

There never was a 3D Plok game in development. On the screen is a render of a 3D Plok model somebody built in 3DS4 (this was the DOS version, before 3DS Max). I might have built the Plok model, but I can't remember for sure. Sat on top of the monitor is one of the long lost set of resin Plok models we had made to promote the game. Most of these were sent to press and publishers in the US when promoting and pitching the game, and most of them arrived in the states as a rubble, as they were so poorly packaged when we sent them from the UK.

The little Plok model is supposed to suggest the idea that we based the 3D model on the screen on a physical model (Doom famously made physical models of the in-game sprites / enemies), but that was nonsense.

Even better is the polystyrene head (for resting wigs on), with the grid lines crudely drawn on it in marker pen (I think either me or Mike Webb drew those wobbly lines), to pretend we were working with 3D scanning technology (we weren't). And is that some kind of multi-meter next to the keyboard?


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If there ever would have been a 3D Plok game I always imagined it would look claymation-like, how the game is depicted on the game's box:



Art Auctions For Sculptures

Art auctions for sculptures are a great way to find new art for your home or office. I like to peruse the online auction sites for nice sculptures. I have found some very interesting items when I抳e looked.

There was a sculpture sold on eBay recently that was entitled Love. The art auction for this sculpture went above the estimated value. The piece was red and blue and made of polychrome aluminum. The French artist抯 name was Robert Indiana. The art auction listed the item as six feet tall, six feet wide and three feet deep.

I liked a hall stand that was carved from wood that I found in an online art auction. The carving depicted a playful bear climbing a fir tree. There was a young bear cub carved into one of the branches. The branches were there to serve as garment hooks and there was even a mirror on the piece in a carved oak leaf designed frame.

There was an exquisite sculpture by a Russian artist that was sold recently in an art auction. The subject of the sculpture was a Bar Mitzvah boy and the medium was marble. I think that marble statues seem so timeless and elegant. It is an excellent medium for a sculpture.

The wife of artist Yitzhak Danziger signed a certificate for the brass sculpture her husband completed in 1969. Danziger is an Israeli artist. The piece looked very abstract to me. It did not do very well in the art auction and sold for less than it抯 estimated worth.

I found a lot of bronze sculptures in the online art auctions. Most of them were of people, but the ones I liked best were abstract. My absolute favorite was a Harry Bertoia bronze sculpture called Bush. This piece is also known as a Brain or Coral. The bidding for this piece of art in the art auction was started at thirty nine thousand dollars. It didn抰 get a bidder.

I saw little interest in the bronze sculpture art auctions for animal figures. I not sure if the reasons they didn抰 get bidders were because of subject matter or because of price. Bronze is an expensive medium for an artist to work in and it takes a lot of training to be proficient.

I have a favorite glass sculptor. Air Max His work goes for so much in online art auctions that I will probably never own a piece of his work. Dale Chihuly is magnificent. There are permanent installations of his tremendous work all over the world.

Crystal sculptures look more like paperweights to me. Online art auctions for glass representations of animals and sea life are really neat. My favorite art auction recently was for a hand blown glass jellyfish. It was magical.

I liked another online art auction for optical crystal that had been turned into a work of art by artist Christopher Ries. The piece was small and called Lotus. It would look so pretty in a well lit display case.

I抦 jealous of the buyer that gets to call this sculpture their own. They won the piece in the art auction for just under a thousand dollars. This artist uses blocks of pure, clear lead crystal cast from Schott Glass Technologies of Duryea, Pennsylvania. It is truly amazing art. His work is prominently displayed in numerous galleries and even in the Columbus airport in Columbus, Ohio.



Isn't the little Plok figurine from the end screen?


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