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Ebook cover - finished!

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Tue, 15 Jul 2014
Subject: Plok comic strip

Ste Pickford

I finished the colouring of the Plok comic strip ebook cover last night (with just a short break for the first episode of the new series Utopia), and I'm reasonably pleased with it.

The curves around the mound of earth at the bottom went a bit wrong, but it's too much work to put them right so I'll have to live with that. The flames around the egg came out really well.

I'm not sure about the panels in the top corners. They're not really needed for an ebook, but the space looked a bit empty because of how thin the logo is, so I thought I'd try to put a couple of info panels there to fill the space and look a bit more 'comicy'. I might change them yet.

It reminds me a little bit of the covers to those Simpsons comics put out by Titan. Not intentional, but the colouring has pushed it in that direction.

It should look brilliant on a monochrome Kindle screen!

I've just got one more drawing to do for the book itself, which I'll try and get done at the weekend, then I can look at what I need to do to actually publish the thing.


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Great job, Ste! Love the vibrant colours and shades.

You should scrap one of the logos and add a badge that proudly says "Not on Super Nintendo!" or something, heh.


Ste Pickford

Good idea, cheers!



Or an even funnier idea would be to add "Not on current generation consoles!".

Anyway, great work, it looks very professional. But that could be because I really prefer the shades and lighting on the cover compared to how it's done in the actual comic strips, but I understand that it would be more work to do it like that all the time.



Anyone who is interested on how it looks on a monochrome e-reader screen, just have a look here:



Ste Pickford

Hey, thanks for that! Looks OK to me. Cheers!


Great job on the cover, I like that the cover reminds me of the comics of the 90's.

One question: Tin Star is a character created by you?Could make an appearance with Plok in the future (as crossover).


Ste Pickford

Tin Star is a game we designed and did a lot of work on, but we didn't do any of the character design (which was in the very distinctive style of the artist Scott Pearce), so I don't think I'd feel comfortable bringing the character into the Plok world. It would be fun though, great characters.


Hoo Haa! Splendid Work! This looks great!


Mr. Polygon

Cool Cover art Ste. You are a great artist! Keep up the Ploktastic work!


Ste Pickford

Thank you!


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