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Ebook cover pencils

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 06 Jul 2014
Subject: Plok comic strip

Ste Pickford

I've spent a pleasant Sunday morning pencilling a cover design for a Plok comic strip ebook.

Our plan is to put out Volume 1 of the comic strip as an ebook (episodes 1 to 26), with a few little extras and some bits of exclusive content. The actual strips will still remain readable on the website.

I've had fun working out how to build fixed-layout ebooks (basically a simple website, with a few fussy rules and typical compatibility problems between different devices), but I don't think I'll bother trying to incorporate panel-by-panel reading, as each strip is perfectly readable on a page, even on my old Kindle, and I don't think such a simple layout really needs zooming into each panel.

I don't often draw anything at A3 size, so it was also fun to spread out a bit on the page when drawing this. The title of the volume - AWAKE! - will be moved to the bottom, below the feet, then the Plok The Exploding Man logo will fill the top half of the page.

Would putting this out make me a published comic artist?


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I think this would make you a published comic artist. E-comics are just as valid as printed ones. And there are a lot of e-comic artists out there who have been doing this kind of thing for years!



I really like Plok's sitting pose here where his feet are resting on the floor with enough space being left to his torso to make it seem as if legs would belong there.

I'm looking forward to loading the ebook onto my Kindle whenever it is finished. Too bad it won't be in color - I guess we still have to wait some time for the eventual arrival of color e-ink displays.


Ste Pickford

It will be in colour, it's just that your Kindle will be displaying it in black and white. If you have a Kindle Fire or an iPad or something, it would appear in colour on that device.


Perhaps if an ebook sold well on iPad and so on, an iOS game would be possible for Plok seeing it's looking unlikely that an eShop title is happening any time soon. Is it yourselves that would have to give permission if the original title was to be on the VC for eShop?



The cover art looks really valuable. The art style in general looks kind of unique, I think it wouldn't be easy to emulate.

Is it just me or has PLOK grown a lot in his sleep?


Please release the comics in a physical form, maybe as a print-on-demand. I'd really like to get these comics on my nerd-stuff shelf.


Ste Pickford

We're going to look at print-on-demand as a possiblity as soon as the ebook is ready. I'd love a physical copy myself!


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