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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint goes free. Forever.

Blog posted by JPickford on Wed, 04 Sep 2013
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint


As of today, our iOS game Magnetic Billiards is now free for the main game (20+ levels). We've also dropped the price of in-app purchases to the lowest tier (69p / $1) for level packs and the Skeleton Key which gives you all the content plus access to prototypes is priced at (£1.49 / $2).

That's a lot of content for a bargain price. Some players have clocked up hundreds of hours.

The new prices are most likely permanent. We've flipped between paid and free a few times since launch but the game was always designed for the "freemium" model so I think we'll stick with this from now on.

We're planning on adding more content soon (which will be free to Skeleton Key owners) and work is progressing rapidly on a new Magnetic Billiards title.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go. We're really proud of this game.


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Aww, I bought a Skeleton Key for full price on the 3rd :/


Ste Pickford

That is still very much appreciated, for what it's worth.



Worth every penny of the £2.49 I paid for it, even if I'm still cack at getting good scores.


Test comment.


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Ninja Kitchen System Blender

The particular juice along with frozen goodies ended up impressive, nevertheless it was your Tortilla Sauces which blew me away. Sub-standard, the particular potent engine from the VitaMix, that's four times more rapidly than the typical food processor, can also operate pertaining to a few moments or maybe more minus the tiniest get worried how the motor will certainly burn off. The chaffing of the really rapidly blades, operating for three in order to several minutes, creates heat which enables you to create a wide variety involving hot very hot a pot of soup.

Easy-to-remove 2-part sport bike helmet: Comes with a twist-off lid select, conveniently notable along with measurement—perfect pertaining to including substances while machine is actually operating .

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Your Ninja Kitchen System is a multi-purpose kitchen area aid that can be of in depth help to you. Joining together can be relied since just one of the essential functions with this cooking area machine. It truely does work just as well for massaging cash, mashing ice, dicing vegetables, generating veggie juice, shakes, iced refreshments, or perhaps noodles marinade.

The meal processor features a 48 ounce. glass pitcher and Forty ounce. digesting pan, each with individual lids that can't be interchanged. These are spouted that makes it very easy to serve out liquids. The particular sport bike helmet to the smaller sized box has a built-in strainer. The big pitcher can be used as your current heavy duty needs: big family members, a lot of friends, get together in the house, and so on. A pair of money paddles may also be included. Your bread paddles aren't sharpened.

This specific ninja mega kitchen is often a Poultry Potato Spinach Soup by AHealthyKitchen. She utilizes don't forget the onions, rosemary oil, poultry soup, cooked properly taters, as well as whole milk along with integrates about four or even five minutes. Next your woman adds the particular prepared chicken white meat, far more prepared taters, far more take advantage of, along with the spinach.

After greatest ninja juicer yet again the main focus of the area can be simplicity of buttons. But this moment, it is not just the number of buttons you will find. It is the various measures that you can do with them.

Ninja Kitchen System Blender

This specific eco-friendly vegetable soup through HealthyHairStylist can be more detailed a new raw meals soups. She simply warms up the particular sauces in order to comfortable, not sizzling hot. Temps down below 118º aren't presume to sneak advantageous digestive support enzymes.

Your Ninja Kitchen System is elegantly developed and it is for sale in a well used ebony. It can be numerous kitchen appliances thrown directly into 1, a new value-for-money obtain, as well as a trustworthy food processor that will adorn your kitchen area countertop.

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It's a two-for-the-price-of-one kitchen area program as it supplies the characteristics of a mixer in addition to a blender and in addition helps make pulps of complete fruit and crushes snow.

Once more, the focus of this area is actually simplicity of control keys. However, this occasion, it isn't just how many switches you can find. Oahu is the selection of measures that can be done together.

The idea falls consistent with changing, I'll be bartering along with products or services as an alternative to employing money. We've by now ninja juicer brokered a number of deals. My own daughter’s songs trainer is willing to take babysitting in lieu of repayment and I possess some home gym equipment that is certainly getting dusty that a person would prefer to accept in lieu of transaction for a lot of residence vehicle repairs.

The Usage of Ninja Kitchen System Blender

Let me state that the actual juice extractor accessory for the Magic pill is just not all that I'd hoped for. This doesn't happen develop the maximum amount of veggie juice as being a regular high-quality machine might for all you fruits and veggies I placed into that. Nevertheless, the device can easily combination way up shakes by using raw fruit similar to strawberries, berries, as well as blueberry without needing a new juicing approach.

First thing Cleaning it once a has been your juice extractor attachments plus it would really badly; nothing beats the actual infomercial. I oftentimes tried chop up oranges very best ninja juicer as well as a strawberry almost no veggie juice was developed. Next I made use of the big food processor or blender add-on to combine bananas along with muffin combine. Soon after mixing for about Twenty mere seconds We smelled exactly what have also been your engine using, along with the plums remained throughout huge portions.

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Easy-to-remove 2-part lid: Incorporates a twist-off lid select, conveniently noticeable using measurement—perfect pertaining to incorporating ingredients whilst appliance can be running .

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Jan is the place heaps of Us citizens promise to eat healthier and obtain in much better condition. Dr. Oz of has been providing way up weight loss along with wellness assistance by way of his or her day-to-day email e-newsletter. The actual January. 18 Dr. Oz of e-newsletter featured a few apps to work with you enhance your well being.

You might have possibly been recently intrigued simply by people right before and after photos inside system establishing magazines or in ads regarding fast weight loss items. Chances are you've got in addition believed that most of these outcomes can be extremely tough. Not this could stop you from seeking them, instead of will + you would like them a total great deal more quickly than at a sluggish-poke rate of a single or perhaps 2 lbs per week, the +recommended+ pace regarding reducing your body of a human mass directory.

16. Get up as well as shift! Folks weight loss solutions throughout Oriental nations around the world, the Mediterranean and France usually are cut, since they are more dynamic. They don't devote hours from the exercise; they only stroll a whole lot. Within Asia, the majority of males and females stroll or excursion bicycles. This not only will keep these people fit as well as skinny, additionally, it conserves on gasoline.

When you very first get out of bed early in the morning, enjoy a mug associated with scorching drinking water using the juice of a single orange in it. This will assist detox one's body. Throughout the afternoon, take in lots of h2o, integrating the cut associated with fruit to each and every glass.

Reducing candy, bright flour, melted foods, overall excess fat mayonnaise, as well as plant natural skin oils is a crucial goods to have in almost any toolbox involving speedy fast weight loss.

A lot of refreshing herbal treatments, seasoning, brand new tomato plants and garlic cloves are employed in Italian food items along with supplies a great deal more taste without having the excess fat. Aged tasty cheeses these types of as parmiagiano accomplish small portions with powerful flavour.

Your baby twins attained quickly resultsweight decrease and they are today sharing whatever they discovered by means of their personal motivational and academic fat reduction software.

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Produce consume refined food. This consists of every person useful, prepared-to-try to eat meals which can be swift to prepare, but you are set with extra fat, preservatives as well as poor parts. Stay away from all of them because drastically since you can.

Dimensions certainly are a superior decide on fast weight loss of bodyweight reduction when compared with bodyweight, considering that as you work out an individual develop muscle mass which in turn weighs even more than excess fat. If you depend on the scale or think about as well as measure frequently you'll turn into disheartened.

Selecting fast weight loss plan or perhaps a program should go a prolonged strategies by making an effort to drop body fat swiftly. Generally seek the advice of your medical professional, who can information you on a rapidly extra weight drop program.

Difficulty S5-88-3. Which from the following weight loss solutions knowledge may be employed to determine the actual decrease elimination ratio connected with transferring from the $1000 tax deductible to some $2500 insurance deductible? Much more than 1 response could be attainable.

This particular breakfast time will provide a lot of fiber content which can be essential for bodyweight reduction. Soluble fiber offers that you simply feeling of bounties and also wipes your whole body out and about so you will not be puffed up. The particular peanut butter increases the needed proteins to offer you power and look after an individual complete longer.

Supply alone a variety of extra fat you are confident with. Our bodies may change from day to day. Therefore, you shouldn't have to obtain tendency out of shape regarding the level changing slightly. Established the five-pound selection for your self that you're comfortable together with. As an illustration, in case your target excess fat can be a 100 along with 62 your range could be 158-163. Each time you obtain around the level, in the event the quantity staring returning towards you will be inside this selection then you already know that you will be perfectly maintaining your weight loss.

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though your a apparel expert, window shopping may well the challenging. either your new baffled of where you might get things you need or another great, You spend money as appreciate big money, But not surprisingly you haven't anything to show because it because you bought everything you do not need. it has happened to the best of us. we have now a style invention inside brain we try recreate, because of buying things, nonetheless,however it it doesn't matter what we procure, now we generally discover youself to be appearing equivalent.

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In those days the particular identify remains to be the Yves St . Laurent employed style and design representative, he / she qualified with the Laurent launched a good conflict, whether it be adjusted the name of, altered style and design secret headquarters location, in addition to trend critic started this showdown associated with text, generating quite a few like because continue which really enjoy, loathe individuals that hate the particular collection, just about every design can still trigger a few hot chat feedback along with witnesses, and the marketing consequences usually are appreciable good results in to gross sales....

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Those things Folks Need To Know With Regards To bag Industry

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4 Concepts for Acquiring Bodyweight Reduction

Don't try to eat refined food. This includes all individuals practical, prepared-to-try to nibble on dishes that are speedy to arrange, however are set with extra fat, additives along with unhealthy parts. Steer clear of all of them because significantly as you can.

Sizes certainly are a superior select fast weight loss of bodyweight reduction when compared with weight, given that when you work out you develop muscle tissue which usually is much more than fat. Should you depend on the size as well as think about as well as determine regularly you are going to grow to be disappointed.

Deciding on fast weight loss system or possibly a program should go an extended strategies assisting to drop excess fat quickly. Normally seek the advice of your physician, who can details anyone on a rapidly excess fat fall program.

Difficulty S5-88-3. Which in the following weight loss solutions information can be utilised to understand the actual drop removal proportion linked to transferring coming from a $1000 insurance deductible into a $2500 tax deductible? Even more than 1 respond could be achievable.

This particular breakfast time can provide a great deal of fiber content that's needed for weight loss. Fiber presents which you a feeling of bloatedness along with washes the body out and about and that means you won't be full. The actual peanut butter increases the necessary health proteins to offer you electrical power and look after you full lengthier.

Provide alone an array of fat that you will be more comfortable with. Our bodies could fluctuate daily. Consequently, there's no need to acquire curved not healthy concerning the level transferring a little bit. Proven a new five-pound variety pertaining to yourself that you're comfortable along with. As an illustration, should your aim fat is often a 100 as well as sixty your own range could be 158-163. Every time you obtain about the level, if the number staring back again towards you will be inside this feature you already know that you will be nicely keeping the bodyweight reduction.

With the weight loss tips finish of the day every person want to always be loved pertaining to who they really are. However in have for other people to like you, you will need to just like all on your own initial. Wholesome bodyweight loss relies totally on improving your well being fairly when compared with hitting the body.

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Folks Previously Laugh at japan - But These Days We laugh at all of them

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Short pants could be the preferred summertime using the say of ladies , but not only trendy but also indicate stylish figure , thus several different materials and hues short pants started to be one solution closet critical. Just how about different situations by using short utilizing their private character has developed into a hot topic september . Xiaobian give you Firearm teach you ways to have on attire along with your design.

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Gals typically come to be obvious , "I needs to have an artist case Inch basic principle, Hengxia Xin credit card to get an important carrier associated with essential models , many people imagined your dog appeared to be to the lap regarding high-class . In which case you May improved go think about the Inches Azure Jasmine Inch , right after Cate Blanchett ? On this video took the actual Oscar , she enjoyed the undesirable New york city socialite , a common female lets you know only need a few items if simple models ruined Path high end merchandise , how everyday living would certainly appearance hilarious.

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Carrier right now in a extremely very competitive current market , manufacturer manufacturers absolutely know the way important a girl Is need for hand bags , so they need completely new thoughts and fashoins , but for the brand, the particular resourceful course of action , your pursuit of product soul might be more critical. So there will be a number of these luggage, influenced because of the classic straight into contemporary design and style, making sure that most of these programs possess a facelift throughout 2014 look .

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The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod's. It works well, but isn't as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that's not an issue, but if you're planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod's larger screen and better browser may be important.

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Many people Previously Laugh at the japan - Nowadays We laugh at all of them

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East-West social reading and writing Gather technique to assisting Claire Gn search for "inner high end " in the 2014 Winter season Manner sequence , Phil Gn girl dressed in your grayscale ribbons plus embelleshment gowns spaced as well as layer, these exquisite element help increase the particular loving and female unknown beyond . Bear in mind , the small in size form of the enduring traces along with developing, introverted quiet colours, form Claire Gn girlie associations with patience , similar to currently being lightly removed your veil , recreational as well as memorable show up in the front . Indicate floors design can Jiankua joined in the midsection, as well as a very little taste of the conductor , nonetheless that can not think that that way them fashionable ample ?

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The Repugnant Facts About Your Lovely japan Desire

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The 5 MostOutrageous bag Hacks... And Ways To Employ them!

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Possibly You Also Make All these Slipups With bag ?

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Master That Is Certainly Frightened Of men.

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Report of advantageous steps to discover women well before you're abandoned.

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Tricks to Accomplish The Ideal Weight Reduction Along with Body system Condition

Consuming a wholesome diet program will almost always be a vital problem in a body weight fall technique. It is very crucial in just about any excess weight matter along with achievement. Acai berry pulp Diet regime critiques have transformed this procedure in a straightforward job that can be attained simply by anyone.

After a craze fast weight loss diet regime may give you support to lose excess weight quickly, even so it's practically without doubt wholesome the extra bodyweight yet again you'd like you dropped it as the software's goal it is not in exhibiting you to keep the extra pounds away.

As opposed to a diet, you might want a means of living adjust that can assist you gratify and also maintain fat drop aims weight loss solutions. Only you can decide that you're not participating in one more rapid bodyweight decrease prepare and they are ready to alter your lifestyle.

Consuming regularly through the entire weight loss tips day time must boost your metabolic rate. This will assist one's body melt away energy more efficiently and increase your entire bodies ability to eliminate fat.

If you want to determine much more about the females's fitness boot camp classes I supply, or you have got questions regarding training as well as diet, experience fast weight loss cost-free for you to message me from . Look at my youtube site to see how correct women practice regarding bodyweight reduction.

These types of straightforward body system weight exercise routines executed using growing detail will likely be of proper assist relocating an individual in the direction of your main goal: Walking, Working, Push federal express, Crunches, Runs, The squat, Pull ups.

These types of valuable Acai berry pulp diet plan testimonials will likely present to you that not just could it be a fantastic fast weight loss supplement but additionally a good diet suppressor so the considerably more Acai there is an less hungry you may feel. Thus, making this the reason why generating the surplus fat fall that you will discover your entire body subjected to, when you're taking in dieting wealthy inside The acai berry.

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2013's The idea carrier a whole lot, yet , relied on the top links seven. Celine dumpling carrier, Prada fantastic case, Chanel parfum container bundle as well as LV "W" carrier, cover tote, and many others., should not become skipped the 2010 design and style, sophisticated, useful, rough outdoors as well as other side effects, fantastic 1. No matter whether or street shooting star ladies, all are unquestionably gotten motivated by Christie.

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bag Got You All the way down? We Now Have The Most Effective Solution

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Sick of every japan gossip? I am on this site for you!

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Polished and also organised hole, projects artwork, heightened pending pretty, wear gowns, adhere, powdered ingredients, reflection and aroma into your program, the bundle close to the waist, the disposable taxi party occasions.

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iPhone Photo Recovery


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2鏈?0鏃ヤ簣绠楀鍝′細銉诲北鐢板畯璀板摗銇倛銈嬬煶鍘熷厓瀹樻埧鍓暦瀹樿唱鐤?灞辩敯锛?寮峰埗閫h銈掔ず銇欒鎷犮伅銇亱銇c仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ仹銇傘倞銇俱仐銇熴€傦紙绗竴娆″畨鍊嶅唴闁c伄闅涖伀锛夐枺璀版焙瀹氥仌銈屻仸銇勩伨銇欍亱銈夈€佷粖銇棩鏈浗銇ず銇椼仸銇勩倠鎰忓織銇с亗銈娿伨銇欍€傘仢銇撱仹銆佷粖鏃ャ伅褰撲簨銇渤閲庤珖瑭便伄浣滄垚鏅傘伀銇濄伄浣滄垚銇铂浠汇倰璨犮倧銈屻伨銇椼仧鐭冲師淇¢泟鍏冨畼鎴垮壇闀峰畼銇亰銇勩仹銈掋亜銇熴仩銇勩仸銇娿倞銇俱仚銆?绉併伅銆佸綋浜嬨伄鏂广€呫倰闈為洠銇欍倠銇ㄣ亜銇嗐仱銈傘倞銇亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銆傛棩鏈伀瑾层仜銈夈倢銇熴亜銈忋倢銇仾銇勬睔杈便倰鏅淬倝銇椼仧銇勩€傘亾銇嗐亜銇嗘€濄亜銇т粖鏃ャ伅璩晱銇珛銇熴仐銇︺亜銇熴仩銇勩仸銇娿倞銇俱仚銆傘仾銇仹銆併亾銇渤閲庤珖瑭便亴銇勩仯銇熴亜銇┿亞銇勩亞绲岀矾銇с€併仼銇倛銇嗐伀銇с亶銇熴伄銇嬨€併仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇仱銇勩仸绨″崢銇亰瑭便倰銇勩仧銇犮亼銈屻伆銇傘倞銇屻仧銇勩仾銇ㄦ€濄仯銇︺亰銈娿伨銇欍€?銇俱仛銆佺煶鍘熷厓瀹樻埧鍓暦瀹樸伅銆併亾銇渤閲庤珖瑭便伄绛栧畾銇亰銇勩仸銆併仼銇嗐亜銇嗗焦鍓层倰鏋溿仧銇曘倢銇熴伄銇с仐銈囥亞銇嬨€?鐭冲師銉诲厓瀹樻埧鍓暦瀹橈紙浠ヤ笅銆佺煶鍘燂級锛?瀹熴伅銆併亾銇晱椤屻亴璧枫亾銈娿伨銇椼仧鐧虹銇€?993骞淬€?骞淬仹銇椼仧銇嬨€佹澅浜鍒ゆ墍銇緭杌嶆叞瀹夊│銇ㄧО銇欍倠浜恒仧銇°亴銆佽嚜鍒嗐仧銇°伄渚靛銇仧銇勩仐銇︺€佹棩鏈浗鏀垮簻銇瑵缃仺鎼嶅璩犲劅銈掕姹傘仚銈嬭ù銇堛倰璧枫亾銇曘倢銇熴€傚綋浜嬨伄瀹并鍐呴枺鐧鸿冻鐩村緦銇с仐銇熴亴銆併仢銇ù瑷熴伀闁㈤€c仐銇︺€佹棩鏈浗鏀垮簻銇ㄣ仐銇︺伅1965骞淬伄鏃ラ煋鍥戒氦姝e父鍖栨潯绱勩伀銇娿亜銇︺€佹垿涓€佹垿鍓嶃伄妲樸€呫仾鍟忛銈掋仚銇广仸銆佹渶绲傜殑銇嬨仱瀹屽叏銇焙鐫€銇椼仸銇勩倠銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ亴鏄庛倝銇嬨仹銇傘仯銇熴伄銇с€佸姞钘ゅ畼鎴块暦瀹樸亱銈夈€佹棩鏈浗鏀垮簻銇ㄣ仐銇︺亾銈屻伀瀵惧繙銇欍倠浣欏湴銇仾銇勮叮鏃ㄣ伄璜囪┍銈掔櫤琛ㄣ亜銇熴仐銇俱仐銇熴€?銇撱倢銇銇椼仸銆侀煋鍥藉伌銇с伅銇勩倣銈撱仾鍙嶇櫤銇屻亗銇c仧銈堛亞銇с亗銈娿伨銇欍€傘仢銇繉骞淬€佺洤娉版剼澶х当闋樸伀銇仯銇︺亱銈夈€佸娌㈢窂鐞嗐仺鐩ф嘲鎰氬ぇ绲遍牁銇鑴充細璜囥亴銈姐偊銉仹琛屻倧銈屻伨銇椼仧銆傘亾銈屻亱銈夈伅閬庡幓銇晱椤屻伀闁倧銈夈仛銇湭鏉ュ織鍚戙仹涓″浗闁總銈掔櫤灞曘仌銇涖伨銇椼倗銇嗐仺銇勩亞瓒f棬銇т細璜囥倰銈傘仯銇熴伄銇с仚銇屻€併仢銇細璜囥伄鍫淬伀銆佸緭杌嶆叞瀹夊│銇ㄧО銇欍倠浜恒仧銇°亴鎶笺仐銇嬨亼銇︺€佷細璜囥亴闈欍亱銇洶鍥叉皸銇с仹銇嶃倠鐘舵硜銇с仾銇忋仾銇c仸銇椼伨銇c仧銇仹銇欍€?銇濄伄鏅傘伀銆佸緭杌嶆叞瀹夊│鍟忛銇仱銇勩仸瀹熸厠銇仼銇嗐仩銇c仧銇亱銆併仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇仱銇勩仸鏃ユ湰鏀垮簻銇ㄣ仐銇﹁鏌汇仐銇︽銇椼亜銇ㄣ亜銇嗛煋鍥藉伌銇璜嬨亴銇傘倞銆佹斂搴溿仺銇椼仸妞滆◣銇椼仧绲愭灉銆佷簨瀹熼枹淇傘倰瑾裤伖銇︺伩銇俱仐銈囥亞銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ伀銇倞銇俱仐銇熴€傚綋鍒濄伅銆佹垿寰屽嚘鐞嗐伄鍟忛銈掍富銇ㄣ仐銇︺€佸帤鐢熺渷銇彺璀峰眬銇屾媴褰撱仐銇︺亜銇熴伄銇с仚銇屻€併仢銇倛銇嗐仾璩囨枡銇仾銇嬨仾銇嬨仾銇勩仺銆傛垿鏅備腑銇硣鏂欍仹銇傘倠銇熴倎闈炲父銇暎閫搞仐銇︺亰銈娿€侀泦銇俱倝銇亜銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ仩銇c仧銇仹銇欍亴銆併仾銈撱仺銇椼仸銈備簨瀹熼枹淇傘倰鏄庛倝銇嬨伀銇欍倠蹇呰銇屻亗銈嬨仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇с€佸姶鍍嶇渷銈勮瀵熷簛銆佸鍕欑渷銆侀槻琛涚渷銆侀潪甯搞伀骞呭簝銇忓崝鍔涖倰姹傘倎銆佹渶绲傜殑銇畼閭搞伄鏂广仹闁總銇鏀垮璀板銇屼腑蹇冦仺銇倞銆佸悇鐪併伀璩囨枡銇鏌汇伄瑕佽珛銈掕銇勩伨銇椼仧銆?銇濄伄閬庣▼銇х銇€佸悇鐪併伀銇熴亜銇椼仸鍑烘潵銈嬨仩銇戝姫鍔涖仐銇︺€佹垿涓伄璩囨枡銇с亗銈嬨倐銇€佸姫鍔涖仐銇︺€併仢銇ó銇倐銇倰闆嗐倎銈嬨倛銇嗐伀銇ㄣ亜銇嗚璜嬨倰琛屻亜銇俱仐銇熴€傘亾銈屻伅鍐嶄笁鍐嶅洓銆併亾銈屻伅鍗斿姏瑕佽珛銈掋仐銇俱仐銇熴€傘仢銇祼鏋溿伅鍔犺棨瀹樻埧闀峰畼銇嬨倝鐧鸿〃銇仾銈娿伨銇椼仧銆傘亾銈屻伅銆佺⒑銇嬨伀鎱板畨鎵€銇ō缃仩銇ㄣ亱銇傘倠銇勩伅銇濄倢銇銇欍倠鎱板畨濠︺仺绉般仚銈嬩汉銇熴仭銇Щ閫併仺銇嬨亗銈嬨亜銇鐢熺鐞嗐仺銇嬨€併仢銇嗐亜銇嗘叞瀹夋墍銇瓨鍦ㄣ倰鍓嶆彁銇ㄣ仚銈嬨倛銇嗐仾閫氶仈銇ㄣ亱閫g怠銇ㄣ亱銇勩亞銇伅鏂囩珷銇ф槑銈夈亱銇仾銈娿伨銇椼仧銆?銇椼亱銇椼€佸コ鎬с仧銇°倰寮峰埗鐨勩伀寰撲簨銇曘仜銈嬨仺銇勩亞绋伄銈傘伄銇櫤瑕嬨仹銇嶃仾銇嬨仯銇熴倧銇戙仹銇傘倞銇俱仚銆傘仢銈屻仹銆併仢銇闅庛仹銇濄亞銇勩亞浜嬪疅闁總銈掑姞钘よ珖瑭便仺銇椼仸鐧鸿〃銇勩仧銇椼伨銇椼仧銇屻€併仢銇緦銆併倓銇倞闁總鑰呫亴鑷垎銇熴仭銇嚜鍒嗐伄鎰忋伀鍙嶃仐銇﹀挤鍒躲仌銈屻仧銈撱仩銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ倰寮枫亸瑷€銇c仸銇娿倞銇俱仐銇︺€侀煋鍥藉伌銇屽姞钘よ珖瑭便仹銇亰銇曘伨銈夈仾銇勩€併仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇у紩銇嶇稓銇嶃€併仒銈冦亗銇曘倝銇鏌汇仐銈堛亞銆併仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇у畼鎴块暦瀹樸亴娌抽噹銇曘倱銇唬銈忋倝銈屻仧銈忋亼銇с仚銇屻€佸銈忋仯銇︺亱銈夈倐寮曘亶缍氥亶銆佽鏌汇倰琛屻亜銇俱仐銇熴€?銇椼亱銇椼€併偄銉°儶銈伄鍥虫浉椁ㄣ伨銇ц銇c仸瑾裤伖銇熴伄銇с仚銇屻€佸コ鎬с仧銇°倰寮峰埗鐨勩伀闆嗐倎銈嬨仺銇勩亞銈堛亞銇亾銇ㄣ倰瑁忎粯銇戙倠瀹㈣Τ鐨勩仾銉囥兗銈裤伅瑕嬨仱銇嬨倝銇亱銇c仧銇仹銇欍€傚綋鏂广仺銇椼仸銇€併仢銇嗐亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ仩銇ㄨ█銇c仧銇仹銇欍亴銆侀煋鍥藉伌銇屻倓銇倞褰煎コ銇熴仭銇嚜鍒嗐伄鎰忋伀鍙嶃仐銇︺€佸挤鍒躲仌銈屻仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ倰寮枫亸瑷淬亪銇︺亜銈嬨伄銇с€併仾銈撱仺銇椼仸銈傚郊濂炽仧銇°伄瑭便倰銇嶃亜銇︺倐銈夈亜銇熴亜銇ㄣ€傘仢銈屻仹銆佽┍銈掕仦銇忋亱鑱炪亱銇亜銇嬨仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇с€佹斂搴溿仺銇椼仸銈傜ó銆呭崝璀般倰銇勩仧銇椼伨銇椼仧銇屻€佹渶绲傜殑銇棩闊撲浮鍥姐伄灏嗘潵銇仧銈併伀銆佸郊濂炽仧銇°伄瑭便倰銇嶃亸銇撱仺銇屼簨鎱嬨伄鎵撻枊銇仾銈嬨倱銇с亗銈屻伆銆併仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇ф渶绲傜殑銇伅16浜恒伄鎱板畨濠︺仺銇曘倢銇熸柟銆呫亱銈夈€併仢銇綋浜嬨伄鐘舵硜銈掋亜銈忋伆瀹㈣Τ鐨勩伀鍏銇┍銇椼仸銇勩仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ仹銆佽鏌诲畼銈掓淳閬c仐銇︺儝銈儶銉炽偘銈掕銇c仧銇ㄣ€傘仢銇椼仸銆併仢銇儝銈儶銉炽偘銇祼鏋溿仹銇欍伃銆併仼銇嗐倐鍕熼泦妤€呫伄涓伀銇€併亱銇倞寮峰紩銇墜娈点仹鍕熼泦銇椼仧銇ㄣ€傘亗銈嬨亜銇€侀銇椼仸銇ゃ倢銇︺亶銇熴仺銆傘仢銈屻亱銈夊嫙闆嗐伄閬庣▼銇с€佸綋浜嬨伄瀹樻啿銇屻亾銈屻伀闁倧銇c仧銇ㄣ€傘亱銇倞鑴呫仐銇倛銇嗐仾褰仹蹇滃嫙銇曘仜銈夈倢銇熴仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銈掕瑷€銇欍倠鎱板畨濠︺伄浜恒亴銇勩伨銇椼仸銆併仢銈屻倝銇瑷€鍐呭銈掑叏閮ㄣ仺銇c仸銇俱亜銈娿伨銇椼仸銆併仢銈屻倰绶忓悎鐨勩伀瑾挎熁瀹樸亱銈夎┍銈掋亶銇勩仸銆併仢銈屻倰鍩恒伀銇椼仸鏈€绲傜殑銇渤閲庤珖瑭便仺銇椼仸銇俱仺銈併仧銈傘伄銇с亗銈娿伨銇欍€?寰撱亜銇俱仐銇︺€佸綋鏂广伄璩囨枡銇ㄣ仐銇︺€佺洿鎺ユ棩鏈斂搴溿亗銈嬨亜銇棩鏈亴寮峰埗鐨勩伀鍕熼泦銇欍倠銇ㄣ亜銇c仧銈傘伄銈掕浠樸亼銈嬨倐銇伅銇亱銇c仧銈忋亼銇с仚銇戙倢銇┿倐銆佸郊濂炽仧銇°伄瑷艰█銇嬨倝銇┿亞銈傚嫙闆嗘キ鑰呫伄涓伀銇€併仢銇ó銇倐銇亴銇傘仯銇熴仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇屽惁瀹氥仹銇嶃仾銇勩仺銆傘仢銇椼仸銆併仢銇キ鑰呫伀瀹樻啿绛夈亴闁倧銇c仧銇撱仺銈傚惁瀹氥仹銇嶃仾銇勩仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇с€併亾銇珖瑭便伄銈堛亞銇〃鐝俱伀钀姐仭鐫€銇勩仧銇ㄣ亾銈嶃仹銇斻仏銇勩伨銇欍€?瑷艰█銇銇ャ亼銈掋仺銈夈仾銇勩仹娌抽噹璜囪┍銇仱銇忋倝銈屻仧 灞辩敯锛?銇勩倧銈嗐倠瀹樻啿銇俱仧銇棩鏈粛銇屽挤鍒堕€h銇椼仸鎬уゴ闅枫伀銇椼仧銇倱銇︺亜銇嗚鎷犮伅瀹夊€嶅唴闁c伄绛斿紒鏇搞伄銇ㄣ亰銈娿€佷竴鍒囥仾銇勩€傘仐銇嬨仐銆佸挤鍒舵€с倰瑾嶃倎銇熴倛銇嗐仾璜囪┍銇仾銇c仧銇伅銆?6浜恒伄鍏冩叞瀹夊│銇煋鍥戒汉銇柟銆呫伄銇婅┍銈掋亶銇勩仸銆併亾銇嗐亜銇嗘枃绔犮伀銇仯銇熴倱銇犮仺銆?銇曘仸銇撱伄鑱炪亶鍙栥倞瑾挎熁銇唴瀹广亴銆佸厛鏈堛伄銆屾璜栥€嶃仺銇勩亞闆戣獙銇у牨閬撱仌銈屻仸銇勩伨銇欍€傘伨銇犳斂搴溿亱銈夈伅銈兗銉椼兂銇仾銇c仸銇勩伨銇涖倱銇屻€併亾銈屻倰瑾伩銇俱仚銇ㄣ€併亱銇倞銇濄伄鑱炪亶鍙栥倞瑾挎熁銇唴瀹广倐銇氥仌銈撱仹銇傘倠銇ㄣ€傛皬鍚嶃倐鐢熷勾鏈堟棩銈傚嚭韬湴銈傘伨銇ㄣ倐銇杓夈仌銈屻仸銇亜銈堛亞銇倐銇€傘伨銇熴伅銆侀€c倢銇﹁銇嬨倢銇熷牬鎵€銇屻€佽粛銇叞瀹夋墍銇屻仾銇勭唺鏈仺銇嬪彴婀俱仺銇嬩笅闁仺銇嬪ぇ闃仺銇嬨€併亾銇嗐亜銇c仧銇ㄣ亾銈嶃伀銇粛銇叞瀹夋墍銇屻亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銇嬨倝銆併仢銇嗐亜銇嗚粛銇叞瀹夋墍銇с仾銇勩仺銇撱倣銇у儘銇嬨仌銈屻仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗚〃鐝俱倐銇傘仯銇熴倞銇椼仸銆併亱銇倞銇氥仌銈撱仩銇c仧銇ㄦ€濄亞銈撱仹銇欍€?銇撱伄銇氥仌銈撱仺銇勩亞銈堛亞銇寚鎽樸仌銈屻仸銇勩倠瑾挎熁鍐呭銆佽瑷€銈掋仢銇伨銇惧彈銇戝彇銇c仸銆併仢銇椼仸娌抽噹璜囪┍銇弽鏄犮仌銇涖仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗛ⅷ銇€冦亪銇︺亰銈娿伨銇欍亼銈屻仼銈傘€併倓銇倞瑷艰█銇仱銇勩仸瑁忋仴銇戙倰銇ㄣ倠銇广亶銇犮仯銇熴仺鎬濄亜銇俱仚銆傘亾銇瑷€銇銇ャ亼銇ㄣ亜銇嗐倐銇倰銇娿仺銈娿伀銇仯銇熴伄銇с仐銈囥亞銇嬨€傜啊鍗樸伀銇婄瓟銇堛亜銇熴仩銇嶃仧銇勩€?鐭冲師锛?16浜恒伄鏂广伄瑷艰█銈掓棩鏈伌銇媴褰撳畼銇屻亶銇勩仸銆併仢銈屻倰瑷橀尣銇椼仸甯般仯銇︺亶銇熴倧銇戙仹銇欍亴銆併仢銇緦銆佽瑷€銇簨瀹熼枹淇傘倰纰鸿獚銇欍倠銆佽銇ャ亼瑾挎熁銇ㄣ亜銇嗐伄銇銈忋倢銇︺亰銈娿伨銇涖倱銆?灞辩敯锛?銇ゃ伨銈娿€佽瑷€銇銇ャ亼銈掋仺銈夈仾銇勩仹娌抽噹璜囪┍銇仱銇忋倝銈屻仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ仹銇傘倞銇俱仚銆傘仹銇瑷€銇銇ャ亼銈掑彇銈夈仾銇勩仹銆佷綍鏁呭挤鍒舵€с仺銇勩倧銈屻倠銆佸挤鍒堕€h銇俱仹銇勩倧銈屻仸銇勩伨銇欍亴銆併仺銇勩亞鍐呭銇仾銇c仧銇亱銆傜銇€併亾銇撱伀銇勩倣銈撱仾鏀挎不閰嶆叜銇屻亗銇c仧銇仹銇仾銇勩亱銇ㄨ€冦亪銇︺亰銈娿伨銇欍€?浠婂勾銇?鏈?鏃ャ伀銇с仚銇€佺敚绲屾柊鑱炪伄涓€闈伀銆屾渤閲庤珖瑭便€佹棩闊撱仹鍚堜綔銆嶃仺銇勩亞銇撱亞銇勩仯銇熷牨閬撱亴銇曘倢銇︺亰銈娿伨銇欍€傘亾銇唴瀹广伅銆佹渤閲庤珖瑭便倰銇ゃ亸銈嬨伀銇傘仧銇c仸銆?993骞淬伄7鏈?6鏃ャ亱銈?鏈?0鏃ャ伨銇?6浜恒伄鏂广€呫伄瑷艰█銈掋偨銈︺儷銇с仺銈娿€併仢銇椼仸鐧鸿〃銇曘倢銇熴伄銇岀繉鏈?鏈?鏃ャ仹銇欍€傘仢銇枔銇仹銇欍伃銆佹斂搴溿亴鍘熸銇闅庛€併仱銇俱倞銆佹渤閲庤珖瑭便伄鍘熸娈甸殠銇嬨倝闊撳浗鍋淬伀銇濄伄鍐呭銈掓彁绀恒仐銆佹寚鎽樸伀銇濄仯銇︺€侀煋鍥藉伌銇ㄣ亸銇煋鍥藉ぇ浣块え銈掗€氥仒銇︺€併仢銇寚鎽樸伀銇濄仯銇︿慨姝c仚銈嬨仾銇┿€佷簨瀹熶笂鏃ラ煋銇悎浣溿仩銇c仧銈撱仹銇仾銇勩亱銆傛渶鍒濇棩鏈伅銇с仚銇€併€岃粛銇剰鍚戙倰鍙椼亼銇熸キ鑰呫亴銆嶃仺銇勩仯銇︺亜銇熴伄銈掋仹銇欍伃銆侀煋鍥藉伌銇屻€屻亜銈勩€佹剰鍚戙仹銇儉銉°仩銆傘倐銇c仺寮峰埗鎬с亴鏄庛倝銇嬨仾鎸囩ず銇仐銈嶃€嶃€傘€屻亜銈勬寚绀恒仹銇仢銇嗐亜銇嗚鎷犮仾銇勩€傝鏈涖亴銈儶銈儶銇犮€嶃仺銇勩亞銇ㄣ€岃鏈涖仹銇儉銉°仩銆傚挤銇忔眰銈佸繀瑕併仺銇欍倠銇撱仺銈掓剰鍛炽仚銈嬭璜嬨伀澶夈亪銇仌銇勩€嶃仺銇勩亞銈堛亞銇叿浣撶殑銇亾銇嗐亜銇嗐倓銈娿仺銈娿亴銇傘仯銇︺€佹渤閲庤珖瑭便亴浣溿倝銈屻仸銇勩仯銇熴仺銇勩亞鍫遍亾銇仾銇c仸銇勩伨銇欍亼銈屻仼銈傘€併亾銇唴瀹广伅姒傘伃鐪熷疅銇倱銇с仐銈囥亞銇? 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鐭冲師锛?闊撳浗鍋淬亴绲傚銆佸郊濂炽仧銇°伄涓伀銇€佹剰銇弽銇椼仸鎱板畨濠︺伀銇曘倢銇熴倐銇亴銇勩倠銈撱仩銇ㄣ€傘仢銇亾銇ㄣ倰鏄潪瑾嶃倎銇︺倐銈夈亜銇熴亜銇ㄣ亜銇嗐亾銇ㄣ伅銆佸啀涓夎█銇c仸銇娿倞銇俱仐銇熴€傘仢銈屻倰瑷艰█銇祼鏋溿仺銇椼仸銆佸績瑷笺倰鍩恒伀娌抽噹璜囪┍銇屼綔鎴愩仐銇熴倧銇戙仹銇欍亴銆併仈妗堝唴銇倛銇嗐伀銇濄伄璜囪┍銇屽嚭銇曘倢銇熷緦銆侀煋鍥藉伌銇屻€併亾銈屻仹閬庡幓銇晱椤屻伅銆佷竴蹇滄焙鐫€銇椼仧銇ㄣ亜銇嗗Э鍕仹銇傘倞銇俱仐銇︺€侀煋鍥芥斂搴溿亴銇撱伄鍟忛銈掑啀銇虫彁璧枫仚銈嬨亾銇ㄣ伅銇椼伆銈夈亸銇傘倞銇俱仜銈撱仹銇椼仧銆傜銇屽湪鑱蜂腑銇伨銇c仧銇忋亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銇с仐銇熴€傘仐銇熴亴銇c仸銆併仢銇嗐亜銇嗐倛銇嗐仾鍔规灉銈掋倐銇c仧銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銇屻€併仢銇綔鎴愰亷绋嬨仹銆佹剰瑕嬨伄銇欍倞銇傘倧銇涖仺銇勩亞銈傘伄銇綋鐒惰銇c仧銇撱仺銇帹瀹氥仌銈屻伨銇欍亴銆佺鑷韩銇仢銇亾銇ㄣ伀銈裤儍銉併仐銇︺亰銈娿伨銇涖倱銇仹銆佺⒑瑾嶃仹銇嶃伨銇涖倱銆?灞辩敯锛?銇勩倣銇勩倣銇厤鎱亴銆佸綋鏅傜銇杽鎰忋仩銇c仧銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銆傘亾銈屻倰銇傘倠绋嬪害濡ュ崝銇欍倢銇般€佹棩闊撻枹淇傘亴鑹亸銇仯銇︺亸銈屻倠銈撱仒銈冦仾銇勩亱銆傘仺銇撱倣銇屻仹銇欍伃銆併亾銈屻仩銇戙伄鍏堛伝銇╃殕銇曘倱銇仈绱逛粙銇椼伨銇椼仧妲樸€呫仾寮峰埗閫h銆佹€уゴ闅枫仺銇勩仯銇熻█钁夈仹銇欍伃銆佷笘鐣屼腑銇几鍑恒仌銈屻€併仢銈屻亴纰戞枃銇ㄣ仾銇c仸姘搁仩銇畫銈嬬祼鏋溿伀銇倞銇俱仐銇熴€傘亾銈屻仩銇戙€侀煋鍥藉伌銇厤鎱仐銇熺祼鏋溿仹銇欍伃銆併亾銇渤閲庤珖瑭便伅绲愭灉鐨勩伀闊撳浗鍋淬伀鍒╃敤銇曘倢銇俱仐銇︺€併亾銈撱仾浜嬫厠銇従鍦ㄣ仾銇c仸銇勩倠銆?銇撱亞銇勩仯銇熶簨鎱嬨倰銇勩伨鐭冲師鍏冨畼鎴垮壇闀峰畼銇ㄣ仐銇︺伅銆併仼銇倛銇嗐伀褰撲簨鑰呫仺銇椼仸鍙椼亼姝倎銇︺亜銈夈倢銈嬨仹銇椼倗銇嗐亱 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