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#9 BAFTA diary - Obscurity

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Thu, 12 Apr 2012

Ste Pickford

This is the official BAFTA photo of the winners of the Online / Browser game award, Bossa Studios, developers of Monstermind. Oh, and that's me and John at either end.

We felt a bit bad about this. All we did was give the award out, and obviously we had nothing to do with the game, but BAFTA require an official photo with the award winners and the people who presented the award stood together. We were all ushered backstage for this photo to be taken, and John and I needed some persuading to even be in it, as we didn't want to spoil the Bossa Studios photo with some random beardy men leering in from the side.

I guess it makes sense if Jonathan Ross or the bloke out of Mad Men has given you an award, and you get a photo of you with someone famous to hang on your wall...

But hang on, wasn't I complaining earlier that there weren't enough video game people giving out awards, and it was all non-industry famous people? Hmm, I suppose I can see the point of famous people giving out awards... a little bit at least.

Maybe it's ultimately better for award winners to end up with slightly rubbish photos like this, with random beardy men leering in from the side, as a necessary evil if we're going to be truly confident about our own field of endeavour. It's a the small price to pay to help the video game industry stand on its own two feet, and not rely on comedians and actors to generate publicity for us.

They even wanted to do a video interview of us all together, but we did successfully manage to duck out of that, as there really wasn't anything useful we could say about Monstermind on video (we weren't on the judging panel or anything).

Still, I'd like to apologise to the lovely Bossa Studios people for spoiling their photo!


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