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#2 BAFTA diary - Red Carpet

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 19 Mar 2012

Ste Pickford

The journey down took about five hours (only four for me as Buxton was an hour along the way from John's house), but the car was very comfortable.

We both had to wear a posh suits, which weren't used to, and we didn't want to get them all crumpled sat in them in the car, so we ended up stopping at some services just outside London to get changed in the loo.

I felt like a spy, walking into the toilets in a jumper then coming back out looking completely different in a bow tie, but I'm not sure this is the way proper celebrities go about things.

Once we arrived we had to jump out of the car and quickly look for the door to get in, as we were late for the run through of our script. As expected, all the photographers set their cameras to the idle position as the anonymous and distinctly not-famous-looking game developers wandered aimlessly down the red carpet, in suits they weren't comfortable in.

I was secretly relieved to have avoided any cameras, so I was mightily surprised when they played this video later in the night which included me on the red carpet (just 10 seconds in) - one of the sneaky camera men must have pressed the record button by accident.

The clip of me got a bit of a cheer on our table (which I missed because I'd taken the opportunity to tweet in support of Eufloria while the boring famous people video was being shown), but best of all my kids and my missus watching at home were jumping out of their seats, and my mum was really made up to see my face on the telly.


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