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Blueprint 2.0 is here!

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Fri, 02 Mar 2012
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Ste Pickford

Well, it took us far too long, but we've finally got the big update to Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint out today. This is version 2.0, with lots of new features and content. We're still planning further updates in the future, but probably on a more modest scale than this one, and maybe a bit more frequently as well.

If you like the game, don't forget to rate / review us on the App Store, as releasing an update hides away all the reviews from the previous version.

Release notes below:


• Pegs - a new Classic Game feature, where balls start off fixed in place on the table.

• Struts - a new Classic Game feature, where balls of different colours start off connected to each other.

• Undo - instantly undo bad shots, saving lives and protecting your Tariff!

• Replay - instantly replay the last shot taken, re-watch your brilliant shots!

• Record-breaking shots - the game stores some of your best ever shots to replay at any time.

• UNDOllars - earn and spend UNDOllars to Undo shots.

• Auto-resume - the game automatically saves if you quit the app mid-game, letting you continue playing later without losing your progress.

• Total Playtime Leaderboard - compare your total playtime with other Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint players.

• 24 new Achievements to discover - worth over 100 points.

• Cluster Shape Identification Cards - now viewable from the How To Play menu, including reward details.

• Re-Sync Purchases - instantly reinstate previous in-app-purchases of content with a single tap, after a clean install or when installing the game on a new device.

NEW CONTENT (free to Skeleton Key owners):

• A whole page of 20 brand new 'Tricky' tables available in the Classic Game.

• A whole page of 20 brand new 'Fiendish' tables available in the Classic Game.

NEW PROTOTYPES (exclusively for Skeleton Key owners):

• 'I Sent My Monkey To The Moon' - a gameplay prototype of a brand new game available to playtest!

• 'Squish' - a gameplay prototype of a new Arcade Game available to playtest!


• The 'Relentless' Arcade Game is now free to all players.

• 3 'Serious' tables are now free to play in the Classic Game.

• 3 brand new 'Tricky' tables are free to play in the Classic Game.

• 3 brand new 'Fiendish' tables are free to play in the Classic Game.


• New icon!

• New logo!

• Game now smaller than 20meg, so it can be installed over 3G.

• Improved the readability of the in-game font.

• Changed our hairstyles, so updated the Pickford Bros pop-ups to reflect this.

• Ball patterns altered to improve visibility for colour-blind players.

• Rare physics bug now fixed.

• More instructions and tips, and several typos fixed (thanks for pointing them out!).

• Improved layout of Shop pages.

• Several minor graphical tweaks and bug fixes.


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Hello does anyone read these. I got a couple Tariff achievements in the Squish prototype mode except for maybe some of the timed ones you shouldn't be able to win them in prototype games.

Also agree with some iTunes commenters that it'd be nice to disable Undo feature completely.

PS Well said, uknfoltfym!


Ste Pickford

Yeah, we read all the comments! Even the crazy spam. I agree that maybe turning off the UNDO speech bubble might be a good idea to put in the next update. Turning off achievement in prototypes makes sense too.


Cheers! Great game. I think I maybe tried it last year didn't get it and gave up. Tried it again this time clicked and I'm really enjoying it. I like the icon hope you ignore the naysayers.


Ste Pickford

Glad you tried it again Sparky, and are enjoying it now.

That's the problem with making games that don't rigidly follow genre conventions - people sometimes don't give them a proper go because they don't match what they're initially expecting. Perfectly understandable, but we always have a struggle to get people to give our games a proper try, even though they're usually worth the effort.


Hello #1 reader here. Please to add an option to lock orientation. I'm turing the phone upside down to get a better look (a la walking around a real billiard table) prefer the display to stay put. Take care


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