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Drop 7

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 18 Apr 2010
Subject: Now Playing

Ste Pickford

I'm completely addicted to Drop 7 on the iPhone. It was pretty much the first, or maybe second game I ever purchased when I first got my phone, and it's still the game I play more than any other.

I don't even like it that much!

I think the game is slightly flawed or unbalanced, with maybe a couple of features missing, and it's slightly unsatisfying that you can't even play forever in theory, never mind in practice. It's too easy to get stuck with nothing you can do to get out of the situation, and too reliant on luck for good / bad scores.

So why do I play it so much? It's because I haven't found anything else to play on the iPhone that fulfils the same function, which is to play while my attention is elsewhere. Every time I ask for iPhone game recommendations, I get pointed towards various tower defence variants, or other realtime games, and I don't think they suit the iPhone, or not the way I use it.

I'll happily sit down with the DS and focus my whole attention on a game for hours at a time, but with the iPhone, I always find myself playing while watching TV, or even holding a conversation. What I want to play is a game that doesn't require constant attention, and doesn't do anything if I'm distracted and look away from the screen. And ideally only needs one hand to play it. Drop 7 is perfect because there's no time limit, and no pieces drop unless I press the screen. Also, the information presented is simple enough that I can take it all in in one glance. If I'm having a conversation and I've forgotten where I'm up to in the game I can look back at the screen and gather everything I need to know to make an intelligent decision about my next move in a second or so.

I've *almost* got my average score on Hardcore mode up to 200,000, but my youngest daughter keeps borrowing my iPhone to play it, and scoring really low, so she's upsetting my average. I'd be above 200k by now if it wasn't for her, I'm sure!

Orbital is a very close second to Drop 7, as I can play that in the same way, and it is very good as well now they've added the Supernova mode, but Drop 7 still remains my preferred game.

There must be some other iPhone games that I can play in the same way?


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Ste Pickford

OK, as of this evening I've got my average score on Hardcore mode to 200,047. Now to delete it off my phone.


Ste Pickford



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