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Naked Warriors

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 22 Oct 2008
Subject: Naked War PC

Ste Pickford

Naked Warriors is an idea we've been kicking around: a real-time action variant of Naked War.

We loved those 80s coin-ops like Ikari Warriors and Commando, and we have all the assets we need to put a game like that together, if only we can find the time.

We're thinking long scolling long levels, millions of computer controlled baddies shooting at you, but in 3D (perhaps with a fixed camera perspective), with real-time control, and possibly retaining control of your whole Naked War style four unit party. We'll keep the vehicles as well!

With a bit of work John got a rough playable prototype of a realtime game up and running, using the existing Naked War engine on PC and with a 360 controller. It instantly felt brilliant, jumping and running around an enormous level, with loads of enemies around. Much busier than Naked War, but totally familiar at the same time.

Although it was great, it would be such a lot of work to make into a finished, releasable game, that it's not very high up on our list at the moment.


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