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Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sat, 05 Dec 2009
Subject: Now Playing

Ste Pickford

I've finally replaced my dead 360 - buying and Arcade and swapping the hard disc from the dead one - which means I can catch up on the Fallout 3 DLC at last. I thought there were only three downloads, so I was delighted to see there are five available. I've played through the first two, which I thought were OK, but nothing amazing. Nice to just be able to continue playing it for a bit longer. I'm told the third one (Broken Steel) is the best of the first three, but I've since been distracted by Borderlands, which someone recommended to me as a Fallout 3 replacement.

I'm really, really enjoying it! I don't normally like FPS games, as I simply can't aim in 3D fast enough. The levelling up allows a cack-handed player like me to still be able to progress, which is what's sucked me in. And it looks like a 2000ad comic strip come to life, which is great too. I've mostly been playing offline in single player, taking it slow and picking off enemies one by one. I've got stuck a couple of times and asked my brother to jump in over Live, and it's been a right laugh - both of us are crap, and die a lot, but it's a completely different game in co-op mode - really frantic and stupid.

I was amused to see that Edge magazine gave this a 6. Haha, they really don't like games that are fun, do they?


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