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End of year comic strip (Making yer own History)

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Thu, 31 Dec 2009
Subject: Project Joy Comics

Ste Pickford

One last pic blog entry for the year, just a talking-heads comic rather than anything video gamey.

I've not had much to post here lately as all my work sketches are for a project currently under wraps. It's a game we're dead excited about and is really starting to come together as we come to the end of a really busy year for John and I.

I'm looking forward to 2010. John and I have got two projects to finish off (Magnetic Billiards being one of them), so hopefully we'll see one or both of them released, which will be nice. We've also got a stack of great ideas for new projects, and there seem to be a lot of interesting opportunities for indie game designers at the moment, so I'm feeling optimistic about work.

I've also got a load of comic strip ideas queued up, for when I have some free time, and I might even draw a few of then larger than A5 for a treat!

(Oh yeah, re-reading it, it might not be clear that it's Sasha the DJ being referred to in panel 3. Well, it's funnier if you know that.)


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