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Sunday comic strip ('FIIIIINE')

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 06 Sep 2009
Subject: Project Joy Comics

Ste Pickford

Yay! I've finally drawn another comic strip.

It's the end of the summer holidays here, and the kids are back in school next week, so I thought a little comic about the journey back from school would be appropriate.

My brother thinks you shouldn't really pry too closely into what your kids get up to at school - that it should be their private world world that's a bit separate from their home life, where they can do their own things without having to report to their parents.

I can't help being curious, and showing a bit of interest. It's a waste of time though. They never tell me anything on the way home, and answer any questions about their day with the dreaded word 'fine' (said in a Napoleon Dynamite style whine), which has become a catchphrase in the house now.

This comic is totally true. The odd time they do start finally tell me what they get up to, it's all so complicated and full of tiny details that it totally bewilders me, so I'm learning to be happy with just a single 'fiiiiiine'.

My missus will ask them about their day later on and get the full story, so maybe it's just straight after school that they don't want to talk about it. Or maybe they don't like spilling the beans to their dad, who just doesn't listen?


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