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Spiral Saga screenshot 1

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 02 Sep 2009
Subject: Spyral Saga

Ste Pickford

I'm really excited by this pic! It is a screenshot from the long lost, unfinished and unreleased PlayStation adventure game I worked on called Spiral Saga. It was discovered by one of the programmers of the game in an old backup, and he mailed it to me this week. This is only the second screenshot of the game I've been able to find!

I don't think this image contains any of my graphics. I was the designer / producer on this project, which we were developing at Software Creations for Sony Europe, but due to a fall out with the new management at Software Creations, when I they were taken over by Rage, I'd left the studio before the final phase of development on the game (it was eventually canned).

I will try to dig out some more screens if I can.


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I remember buying my PS1 back in the summer of 1997. Several screenshots of different games were displayed on the box of the console, including spiral saga! As a little kid I was always intrigued by this screenshot and I always wondered why I never saw the game in stores. So now I know! Do you have more information on the game? This would fill a gap of my childhood! :-D


Ste Pickford

Wow, I didn't know there was a Spiral Saga screenshot on the PlayStation box.

I'm afraid I don't have any more details available. I didn't keep any backups of the game or the documentation I produced, unfortunately.



That's crazy, just like Robin, I had a look at one of my Playstation boxes and saw the games name on it. I know a lot of games and that's one I've certainly never heard of before, so I had a quick google search and got here.

Here's 2 photos of it, I could scan it in if you wish.

It's from a German SCPH-5502 model.




Ste Pickford

Hey, thanks Marco, those scans are brilliant, cheers!


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