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Sunday sketch

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 19 Jul 2009
Subject: Sketches

Ste Pickford

Another Sunday without a new comic strip. I actually drew two comic strips this week, but they were both waaaaayyyyy too miserable and personal to possibly publish, so I've dug out another daft old sketch instead.

I was reminded of a Manchester nightclub this week called The No 1 Club, that I used to go to in the early 90s. It was right opposite Ocean Software's old offices - that dungeon under the church, was that on Central Street? - and was great because you could usually get in free through the fire escape round the back that some one would always open for you (it was a right dingy sweat box, and the fire escape probably needed to be open just to let some fresh air in the place).

This is the tape inlay I drew for the only tape I ever had of the DJ who played there - Tim - who was brilliant as far as I can remember. The character is the fella I used to draw on the labels of all my backup disks at work (and who's therefore called 'Backup 2'), but who later became the main character in most of the comic strips I did for my fanzine around this time.

I used to love drawing mad pictures for the inlays of all the different mix tapes I collected, and this one was one of my favourite inlays, with the Van Gogh style biro work. It's strangely satisfying working on drawings that only you and perhaps three or four friends will ever see, especially when your day job is drawing stuff with an intended audience of millions (which I suppose ties in with the unpublishable comic strips I drew this week, although I'm undermining myself by publishing this tape inlay for everyone to see...).

It's not quite the same with MP3s these days as they don't really have a label or an inlay, although I suppose I could draw little square pictures in photoshop to appear on the iPod display.


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