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Saturday sketch

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sat, 27 Jun 2009
Subject: Sketches

Ste Pickford

It's Glastonbury weekend! As usual I'm not going, but I'll be sat at home glued to the telly every evening.

The few times I've been to Glastonbury it didn't seem to be about the bands at all. Or rather, there was so much mind-blowing stuff happening that the bands were the least interesting of the many distractions available, despite getting hyped up for months before about who I wanted to see and in what order. All the mad, random, unexplainable, and downright unbelievable stuff was what made Glastonbury to me, and none of that gets covered on the telly.

But, as I'm an old fart now, I think I'd prefer to curl up on the sofa with a couple of nice beers and watch it on the BBC presented as a big gig before jumping into my comfy bed, rather than have to get my wellies wet and endure a weekend of madness.

This is a sketch I drew this time last year, showing half the family say in the living room watching it on the telly. No doubt things will look pretty much exactly the same tonight.

As usual, click on the sketch to see the rest of my scribbles on Flickr.


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