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Sprite System

Blog posted by JPickford on Mon, 08 Jun 2009
Subject: Untitled


Something I found in an old backup folder. This dates from 2003 I think. It was an attempt to create a nice, easy to use sprite and background system using polygons. It was meant to resemble the way the SNES hardware (and many other 2D machines) worked with background layers made up from repeatable tiles which could be flipped in the x&y. Sprites could appear above or between these layers.

I don't think I ever really made much use of the tile system. It's a bit of a dated concept really but it was very familiar to us at the time and we thought it'd be a good basis for creating 2D games.

The sprite code, I'm still using today (although I've probably completely re-written it over the years).

The framerate of 5000+ fps made me laugh. I think the same demo ran about 200-300fps when I wrote it on a decent PC of the time.


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