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Planet Zero

Blog posted by JPickford on Thu, 02 Apr 2009
Subject: Blade & Barrel


Another game I'd pretty much forgotten about till I stumbled on some old documents recently. I remember the project but I have no memory of it being called 'Planet Zero'. The name was later changed to 'Blade & Barrel' but I'm not sure if it was ever released. Ste and I left Creations while it was still in development so we didn't really have much to do with it or how it ended up.

The game was conceived as a 3D version of the old COMBAT cartridge that came with the old Atari VCS. Working in 3D was very new to us at the time and it seemed a good idea to work with a very basic game idea as a learning process. Also, I was starting to feel that games in general had lost some of the instant appeal that they had in the early days and I had a strong desire to go back to basics and learn about making games fun again. So I suppose this concept marked a change in direction for us and something we're still exploring 14 years later.


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