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Backup 2 disk label

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Sat, 27 Dec 2008
Subject: Wizards & Warriors 3

Ste Pickford

This is another of my old 3.5 inch backup disk labels.

For some reason I always drew this character on my backup disk labels, and he ended up as a character in a comic strip I did for my fanzine at the time. The character was called 'Backup 2' imaginatively enough!

I probably drew the first comic strip with him in the very weekend of this backup.

The character, his look, and the 'what day is it?' line, all came from the fact that I always did a backup disk on Friday afternoon. On Friday evening I'd be out clubbing at the Hacienda in Manchester (this was in mid 1989, probably), which was actually next door to our offices at Zippo Games, and by this point in the week my mind was probably already in the club, so he's supposed to be a cool clubber, rather than a geeky video game artist.

If work was busy and I had to work late, I sometimes went straight from the office directly to the back of the Hacienda queue!

The 'S. S.', added later in biro, was to indicate that this was a backup disk for the Silver Sword project, although I'd probably used this disk (along with some others in a cycle) for years.

They were expensive!


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